Google Messages May Get Multi-Device Support Similar To WhatsApp

A couple of days previously, it was reported that Google is preparing to introduce multi-device support, permitting users to send and receive messages and RCS chats across multiple devices. Now, the reports indicate that Google is testing another facility by which the users get the ability to use the Messages app across several devices similar to secondary smartphones or tablets.

If the rumors are to be believed, Google is busy testing a convenient update for its official Messages platform, allowing users to access messages and RCS chats across various devices.

Looking at today’s situation, it shows that the users cannot receive, send, or read messages on Google Messages on any other device except their primary phone on which they used to use the app. For now, they can’t use any other device as a secondary one. Now, fortunately, Google is unclicking this limitation and will, as soon as possible, offer the ability to use the Google Messages app itself across various devices.

Rumors revealed that, for setting up Google Messages across numerous devices. The brand will use the user’s phone number and Google account. This sounds sensible after RCS chats got linked to the user’s phone number. Once the brand activates the newer multi-device feature, users can use Google Messages on other devices as their secondary phone without any physical swapping of their primary SIM into those devices.

However, it appears similar to WhatsApp’s already existing feature of multi-device connectivity, which allows users to sync messages across up to four devices. Meanwhile, it remains unclear how Google will set the functionalities of this feature or if it will put some limitations on the number of widgets where users can access Google Messages. Moreover, it has yet to be confirmed when Google will announce this feature.


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