How To Lock Files In Google Drive?

Google always ensures to offer several advanced features and technology to make life easier and more convenient for the users. Offering a number of useful updates, Google is getting better in every aspect of technology. From bringing several new ways to search within the app to introducing new and advanced methods for adding any paas to Google Wallet, Google is growing in terms of providing more intuitive features to each of its services. One such intuitive functionality introduced within the Google Cloud service, Google Drive, is the ability to lock files seamlessly in Drive.

Google has recently rolled out a new and valuable functionality within Google Drive: the ability to lock files easily in Google Drive. In this latest update, Google has added a new option to lock Drive Files quickly in just a few steps. However, users cannot edit, comment, or provide suggestions to the Locked documents. 

This new update has simplified and modified restricting files in Drive, which was only available through the Google Drive API or File approvals. This article will teach you how to lock your files in Google Drive.

Locking Files in Google Drive, Here’s How?

You can lock your files and other documents in Google Drive in no time. Just follow the process mentioned below:

  • To close your files, you must have access to edit the files in Drive.
  • Now, to lock your Files:
  • Hover over a file in Drive and right-click into the Context menu.
  • Select the File information option.
  • From the drop-down menu, tap Lock.
  • Now tap on Lock to confirm that you want to Lock the file.

Do note that once you have locked your file on Drive, no one, including you, can make any edits to the documents until it is unlocked. Being the latest feature, it is not rolled out to everyone right now but will gradually be rolled out to everyone within 15 days.

Important FAQs: Lock Files In Google Drive

What is locking a file in Google Drive?

Locking a file in Google Drive prevents others from editing the file until it is unlocked. This can be useful for preventing accidental changes to important files, or for collaborating on projects with others and ensuring that everyone is working on the same version of the file.

Who can lock a file in Google Drive?

Only the owner of a file or someone with edit access can lock the file.

How do I lock a file in Google Drive?

To lock a file in Google Drive, follow these steps:
1. Go to Google Drive and find the file that you want to lock.
2. Right-click on the file and select File information.
3. In the File information pane, click the Lock button.
4. Confirm that you want to lock the file by clicking Lock.

What happens if I forget to unlock a file before sharing it with others

If you forget to unlock a file before sharing it with others, those users will not be able to edit the file. To allow them to edit the file, you will need to unlock the file and then share it again.

Is locking files in Google Drive secure?

Locking files in Google Drive is a good way to prevent accidental changes or unauthorized edits to your files. However, it is important to note that locking a file does not encrypt the file. If you want to encrypt your files, you can use a third-party app

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