Google Working On A New “Floating Search Bar” Feature With Android 14 QPR1

Fans community a long time eagerly awaiting the major Android 14 update, while Google has released its Android 14 QPR1 beta program. The brand with the beta program has introduced multiple new features, improvements, and changes for better performance and functions which leads to an enhanced experience. In the bundle of new features and improvements, one of the countable features is that the Pixel Launcher is experimenting with a new “Floating search bar.” 

Recent reports indicate that, with the upcoming release of the December 2023 Pixel Feature Drop, Google will probably redesign how the users interact with the Pixel Launcher’s universal search bar. Let’s get started to check what’s hidden in the Android 14 QRP1 beta. 

Android 14 QPR1 “Floating Search Bar” 

With the latest and very beta update for Android 14 QPR1, a new launcher flag has arrived which indicates the floating search bar. Jumping on the facility back a year or a half ago, the Pixel Launcher application has a flag named Enable Floating Search Bar, which is just used to pin the search bar in the application box at the bottom of the screen and above the keyboard. 

In pain words now the users need to tap the floating “G” pill placed at the bottom of the screen. On the opposite side, if the users enable the swipe up to start search preference, they can easily and quickly start typing, when they open the app drawer. In some scenarios, the Pixel Launcher will display suggested contacts to the users, settings, and many more items before they even start searching. And this is only possible when they turn on the suggestions before searching for an option. 

The recent news reveals that a well-known tipster Mshaal Rahman in the latest build has spotted that this experiment was continued, and now the search bar floats and is available even by the current application overview. Noticeably all these tags along with satisfying animations. 

However, if the users are interested in getting the Pixel Launcher’s universal search experience on their device, unfortunately, Google’s implementation is only exclusive to Pixels. 


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Android 14 QPR1 Beta

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