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Telegram has 700 million monthly users and projects over 1 billion users by 2024 (as per the study). Telegram turned 10 years old last month, and the parent company has blessed it with “Stories” for cake. Its birth month is over, but it is still getting gifts. Yes! It is receiving a major update for the Channel system. Let’s look at what abilities it is getting through the latest update. 

What New Abilities Telegram’s Channels Are Receiving 

Telegram, with this latest update, offers multiple new features or, we can say, abilities to Channels. Now, the channels on Telegram are getting the power to post unlimited stories, all thanks to a new boost system. Stories receive reaction stickers, along with the ability to add your music. View Once setting also gets added with the update, and many more. You must check the full article for detailed information regarding all these changes. 

Telegram’s Channels Stories

Hello, Telegram users! Now, you can grant your favourite channels the ability to post stories by offering them ‘boosts’. Once they get the boosts, channels can post stories similar to regular users. 

Within the Telegram Premium, the company includes one boost, which can be assigned to any channel. It’s pretty obvious the channel’s level increased as they gained more boosts. And then, per level, they can post 1 additional story each day to the story feeds of their subscribers. Noticeably, boosts stay on the channel only till the users decide to shift them somewhere else, so the channels must make sure those stories better be entertaining. 

 For Posting Unlimited Stories On Channels, There’s A Condition

With the latest update, channels get the ability to upload unlimited stories as regular users, but only when they qualify the eligible criteria, for which they must have at least 3 boosts through their followers. 

Another noticeable point is that Premium users get a “free” boost, and if a Channel is offered enough to them, they surely increase the level. Basically, the only condition is that more levels are gained and more stories can be posted in a day. 

Reaction Stickers & Add Music In Stories  

Wow! Users and Channels can now add reaction stickers to their stories. Here’s a catch: one can add only one reaction sticker to stories, but Premium users can add up to 5 only. Also, the audience can respond with even more emojis than ever in just one tap. 

Here are the stories posted by channels that display reaction counters, which show how many audiences chose each emotion. Easily, you can add a reaction sticker, click on the icon in the sticker panel, and then choose an emoji as per your choice. At the same time, the Premium subscribers can use any of their custom emojis as well. 

Jumping on the Music side, the users and channels can now add music to their stories. Audio files available on their device also can be used in images and video stories. The company allows users to create content with custom soundtracks, narration, and proper rickrolls. To add the music, tap the ‘Audio’ option from the sticker panel, then adjust the track to select a particular section. Also, you can keep the original sound and move your added audio track to any point. 

View-Once Media & New Login Alerts 

Now, self-destructing media is getting more user-friendly functionality and features. With the latest update, it receives a new look with a new View Once setting. 

Now, in any 1-on-1 chat, clicking 1 icon in the media editor permits you to choose how long your image or video will be visible after opening, which includes View Once to 30 seconds. And view once media will automatically permanently be deleted from the chat after the receiver opens it. Fortunately, taking screenshots and saving like options for view-once media will not work. 

On the other hand, another feature is New Login Alerts. Yes, whenever the unauthorised site logs into your account, Telegram sends a notification to all your devices. The brand placed the new login alert at the top of your chat list to make this more attention-seeking and noticeable. 

If you are not the one who logs in on a new device, tap the “No, it’s not me!” option that instantly secures your account. 

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