Over 100 New Podcasts From Top Apps And Services Launch On Apple Podcasts

Enjoy! Apple Podcast has 28 million registered users (as per statistics record). Undoubtedly, this number is a powerful indication of the success of Apple Podcasts and its ability to arrest the attention of a huge audience. Now, to enhance the audience’s experience, the brand Apple is offering the facility of more than 100 new podcasts from multiple apps and services in Apple Podcasts. 

If you’re curious to know everything about this new enhancement after hearing this news, then continue reading the article. 

Already, Apple Postacts offers lots of features for listeners, like discovering, enjoying, and supporting their favorite podcasts, featuring tons of shows covering each and every topic. Now, along with iOS 17, the brand is lengthening the service and making it more intuitive and useful. 

Here’s All What New Features Includes

The brand is providing multiple new features, which include a newly designed player with full-screen artwork, a streamlined queue, episode art, interactive widgets, search filters with more detailed results, StandBy, and permitting the users to connect their subscriptions to some of their favorite applications. 

Through all these new facilities, the brand is aiming to provide more and every possible thing to increase the listener’s experience and set the bar at the next level. 

Apple mentioned, “Subscribers to Apple Music, Apple News, Calm, and Lingokids can access over 60 original podcasts, including more than 2,500 musically rich episodes from Apple Music Radio.” 

The brand, by allowing to connect subscriptions to top applications, is making the Apple Podcasts the best way for listeners to approach multiple forms of premium audio content, including [podcasts, news briefs, narrated articles, radio shows with full music, educational courses, guided meditations, sleep sounds, and many more, even all in just one place. 

Now, on Apple Podcasts, the subscribers get more power and capabilities. Now, they are able to follow their favorites, save episodes to their library, get notified whenever new episodes are released, and the most interesting part is being able to listen offline across their devices. 

“Now subscribers can enjoy narrated articles representing some of the best journalism from News+ publishers on Apple Podcasts as well as in Apple News,” said Apple News’s editor-in-chief. 

Here’s All New Functionality Details 

  • Connecting Subscriptions: The listeners with in-app subscriptions to eligible applications will have their subscriptions naturally without any touch and get connected the next time they open Apple Podcasts. Subscribers are able to listen across their favorite Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, HomePod, CarPlay, and Apple Watch with AirPods. 
  • Discovering Shows: After connecting the subscription, the listeners will be able to browse all of the podcasts available to them through the library tab; also, they get more details about each show on the channel page. New episodes will appear in Up Next, placed in the Listen Now tab. 
  • New Shows From Top Application: The brand will start this facility by next month. Through this, the listeners will be able to connect their subscriptions to Bloomberg, Curio, Mamamia, Sleep Cycle, The Economist, The Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, WELT News, and Zen with Apple Podcasts. 


The brand makes the Apple Podcasts available for free in more than 170 countries and regions. Offering the ability to connect eligible subscriptions with Apple Podcasts requires iOS 17 iPadOS 17. Also, subscribers to Apple Music, Apple News, and other participating applications are able to connect their subscriptions with Apple Podcasts to access new shows and other premium audio benefits. 

Apple Podcast

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