Meta Horizon World Chat Is Available Now: Fixes Bugs 

Meta officially stated in a blog post that the text-based chat feature of Meta for Horizon Worlds will take the floor for all the users this week. The company has already begun its testing for introducing a new way to meet, coordinate, and interact in Worlds with a text-based communication experience named “World Chat.” 

Now, the brand is rolling out access world chat to everyone, alongside working to fix a bug which impacted a few people’s followers and following counts on their Horizon profile. The users can identify this latest change through the version number v130. 

Meta said – “We know that people want to engage in real-time with their community, so in addition to voice, world chat is now available for everyone starting this week.” 

By this statement, it is pretty clear that the facility will be available for everyone, luckily in this week only. The aim behind providing this facility to the users is to add an extra layer to their convenience to engage in real-time with their community, so in addition to voice, world chat is here. 

Exactly How World Chat Works 

The users, to access world chat, have to look at the wristband on their avatar’s left wrist and then choose the available icon. Also, the public can connect with or follow others participating in the chat that is a message by tapping the person’s name to view their profile and inviting them to connect. 

Also, the public will also be able to @mention others in world chat, only to those who are in the same world session. World chat offers tools to make it easy to meet and interact with others, such as fast replies so that the users are able to connect without even having to type long paragraphs. 

What Next Meta Is Preparing For 

The company is committed to building experiences which help the public connect with their communities and will continue exploring new ways to make it easier to connect and have a laugh with each other. Noticeably, World Chat might not be available to a few people at times as the company goes over again and improves the experience. 


Highlighted Bug Fixes: 

Here are some highlighted bug fixes for this week’s release.


  • We fixed a bug that showed some people had 0 followers and 0 followers on their profile page. We’re continuing to restore followers and following counts for everyone affected.
Select Known Issues 

Here are some of the known issues the Worlds team is currently investigating.


  • Music gizmos are periodically getting stuck playing. Sounds/music won’t stop playing, even by scripting or opening the Property panel to toggle the play/stop button until you fully stop the world.
  • Workaround: If you restart the world through the Console, the option for play/stop is visible and works as expected.
Meta World Chat

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