Google Pixel 8 Series vs Pixel 7 Series: Camera Comparison

Google has finally launched its Pixel 8 series, Pixel 8, and 8 Pro with the latest Android 14. On the contrary, both devices sport a myriad of interesting features and upgrades, with one of the biggest updates within the Pixel 8 series being the camera and the Google Tensor G3 chip. Take a quick look at the Pixel 8 series upgrades to bring epic images, new computational videos, and some interesting capabilities into the palm of your hand as compared to the Pixel 7 series.

Updated camera hardware:  Pixel 7 series vs. Pixel 8 series

The newest Pixel 8 and 8 Pro are equipped with the flagship-level 50MP main camera. Compared with its predecessor, the Pixel 7 series, it comes with 21% more light sensitivity capacity for the best-in-class low-light pictures and videos on the Pixel. Users will notice faster autofocus in low-light conditions, too. Coming to Pixel 8, the ultrawide camera has been updated in order to include autofocus, which provides Macro focus outside the Pro series for the first time. 

Each camera on the Pixel 8 Pro has been upgraded, including bringing autofocus to the selfie camera for capturing those epic selfies on a Pixel. The 48 MP ultrawide lens collects 105% more light and focuses 30% closer for improved Macro Focus shots along with amazing aesthetic blur, as compared to Pixel 7 Pro. On top of that, the 48 MP telephoto lens gives you clearer zoom-in shots even in low-light settings at 10x with optical quality.

Other Notable Pixel 8 series upgrades

Main camera’s Dual Exposure technology:

In the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, the Dual Exposure technology is available on the new main camera. It makes videos even more sharper and less grainy in certain scenes with difficult lightings, such as the sunset background. This feature effectively takes two images simultaneously; the first one is optimized for low light, and the other is optimized for high dynamic range. As a result, you will get a natural-looking video with vibrant color, clear details, and low noise.  

Accuracy with Real Tone:

Google has been closely working with the global community of certain photographers and creators in order to make sure that the Real Tone accurately represents a wide variety of human skin tones, especially darker ones, in pictures and videos. Expanding its efforts, Google is bringing Pixel’s best-ever skin tone accuracy to videos and also adding the Night Sight Technology so that the darker skin looks more natural and clear even in flashy photos.

Video Boost with Night Sight:

HDR+, which already helps to capture stunning pictures with computational photography, Now uses the same computational photography algorithm to enable an all-new approach to computational videos. Although this is a slightly difficult task, processing a one-minute 4K video at 30fps is the same as processing 1,800 photos, which is a task that no smartphone can solve alone. Nevertheless, with the combination of the efficiency of the Tensor G3 chip and the power of the data centers, it’s now possible to make HDR+ video a reality. 

The computational photography mode makes Night Sight possible for the first time on Pixel, so you can create memories in low-light situations, which was not available before. Meanwhile, this feature will be rolling out later this year.

Pro Controls On Pixel 8 Pro:

Opening a wide variety of creativity, Pro Controls offers even more control of your camera settings on Pixel 8 Pro. In addition to white balance, exposure, and shadow brightness controls, you will now be able to adjust the focus manually, shutter speed, and ISO. Also, the new control settings allow you to capture 50MP pictures throughout the zoom range. 

Guided Frame:

The new Guided Frame uses a combination of audio cues, high-contrast animations, and haptic feedback in order to help people who are suffering from blindness. The Guided Frame feature now works on both the front and rear camera, recognizing more than just faces. 

Make complicated edits to your photos & videos:

You can create perfect group photos with the best shots, reimagine your pictures with the help of Magic Editor, reduce distracting sounds in your videos through the Audio Magic Eraser, and, in a few upcoming days, zoom in on what matters the most with the Zoom Enhance feature.

Google Pixel 8 Pro camera

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