Google Pixel 8 Call Screen Feature Is Coming To Pixel Watch

Along with the launch of the Pixel 8 lineup and Android 14, Google is also updating its Call Screen feature. This feature will help the users take the edge off the difference between unwanted spam calls and important calls the users just can not take. The company is offering this convenient Call Screening to the Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2. 

Call Screening features a Pixel-exclusive and has made it possible to neglect wasting time on unknown callers. Google Assistant helps in essentially taking the call for users, and the difference between a spam call and an important call appears on the user’s device.  

This Call Screening feature has been confirmed through a post shared on X, formerly Twitter, shared by @madebygoogle, which is the official handle of the brand. Google mentioned in the post that the Call Screening feature is coming to Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2.

Automatically screen calls, filter spam, and get transcripts right on your wrist in the next few months.” 

However, the new Call Screen feature is available on the latest Pixel 8 lineup, and soon, the company will make it available on all eligible Pixel devices. 

With this statement, it seems that the Call Screen feature will be able to automatically screen calls, filter spam, and also get transcripts directly from the user’s wrist in the next few months. The messages left by the caller will display on the Pixel Watch, and the users will be able to answer or decline the call from their wrist. 

Also, the Pixel Watch will see a few improvements, which Google has announced would be arriving to the feature on Tensor-equipped devices. One major change is the AI-driven response that Call Screening can give callers. Alternatively, a set “Please leave a message for the caller” given in the common Google Assistant voice, a new personality will take its place. 

Also, in the demo, a new voice takes the stage and delivers an authentic answer to an unknown caller. Whereas the new AI voice sounds matter-of-fact and leaves natural inflection throughout the reply that would convince just about anyone, which is a real person who answered the call. 

Along with the Call Screening and new AI improvements, the virtual calling assistant is able to know if the incoming call is spam or not. If the caller responds with something like “You’ve won an all-expenses paid trip” or any other phrase along those lines, then the virtual assistant will reject the call and opt not to ask for the caller to leave a message. 

Moreover, if something similar to an airline call and makes it clear what the call is about, the AI-driven assistant will connect the users, knowing that the call is likely legit. Also, the users will see a summary response from the caller close at hand options to report spam, take a message, or respond with a message. 

In the scenario where someone calls trying to confirm an appointment, contextual replies kick in, and then the assistant will end the call and forward the user an appointment reminder. Noticeably, Google also disclosed that this new Call Screening feature will be available in a feature update for Tensor devices and the Pixel Watch series.

Google Pixel watch feature drop call screen

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