Six Streaming Apps Optimized For Android Phones With Large Display

Google always ensures more convenience and better entertainment for Android users. It frequently brings several exciting updates to Android devices. Now, the company has brought 6 video streaming applications that are specially designed to make the most out of the bigger screen display on your Android tablets and foldable smartphones.  

Google has announced that the company has been optimizing 6 video streaming apps to take most advantage of the bigger screen of foldable devices and tablets. These applications include YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Google TV, BBC iPlayer, U-NEXT, and ZEE5, respectively. For example, if you want to watch several YouTube videos on your tablet or foldable smartphone, you can now watch it using the foldable’s tabletop mode. Otherwise, if you want to stream certain shows or series of ZEE5 on your foldable device, you can watch as it has now been optimized for viewing on a bigger screen.

Streaming applications for Android tablets and Foldable smartphones:

  • Amazon Prime Video:

Google has updated the layout on the bigger screen, making it easier to watch your desired content and preview details for certain TV shows and movies. You can stream your favourite show while you are busy doing some other work with a better Picture-in-picture experience and improved support for split screen mode on your foldable. Also, you can watch videos on your foldable device the way you want, allowing the app to seamlessly switch between folded and unfolded positions for your foldable smartphones.

  • YouTube:

YouTube functions great in the tabletop mode on foldable devices. This highlights that you don’t have to hold you’re for the whole time while you are watching your favourite video. In other words, you can easily watch a cooking recipe while chopping vegetables. The new optimized interface allows the app to adjust itself on both halves of your foldable device. Plus, you can use video playback options, which are at the bottom half of the screen, in case you want to pause the video or play another one.

  • Google TV:

With the latest update, Google TV has also updated its layout for the bigger screens to make it easier to decide what you want to watch. Google TV has recently launched a new widget for your tablets. It shares top-picked entertainment and personalized recommendations straight from your tablet’s home screen, making it easier to find our desired content.

  • U-NEXT:

U-NEXT is the largest digital content streaming service in Japan. To cater to bigger screens, it has redesigned its layout. For example, the app has replaced its horizontal navigation bar with a vertical one, making it easier to reach the menu buttons. On your foldable device, the U-NEXT app will seamlessly adapt both the folded and unfolded state. 

  • BBC iPlayer:

Revamping its layout for a better experience on the bigger screen, straight from your home screen, you can view several details about your favourite show on the top half and the rest of the other titles to browse on the bottom half of your foldable smartphone. While playing videos, the app can easily switch into an immersive mode on tablets, whereas it adapts to the larger screen of foldable devices for a full viewing experience. 

  • ZEE5:

ZEE5 has also resized itself in order to fit any Android screen size. You can view more trendy shows and their details on your screen simultaneously. ZEE5 seamlessly works on the tabletop mode as well as split screen mode. You can multitask and get more things while enjoying your videos.

Google Streaming Apps

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