Galaxy S24 Leaked With Several AI Key Feature, May Be Clone Of Pixel 8 Magic Editor Feature

Samsung will unveil its Galaxy S24 Series in this month. The Galaxy S24 series is ready to break the record and set the new well-rock notch. The Samsung Galaxy Ultra series is the best and most complete Android handset ever as the Ultra has the unique ability to record video in 8k at 30 fbs, which is the latest and high-quality picture standard and also has better low light capture, which offers a wider field of view and enhanced zoom capabilities. It can take photos even in 1.5 meter deep water for 30 minutes. 

Samsung Galaxy S24 is ready to be launched globally on January 17, 2024, in California. Then we have a leak from @MystryLupin on Twitter revealing several key AI features of the Galaxy S24 series in the form of images, which include Live Translation, Nightography Zoom, Generative Edit, High Resolution, Screen Display and more. It is also reported to include a clone of Google‘s Magic Editor tool from pixel 8. 

  • Its features also include live translation; you can convert a foreign language into the language of your choice from within the Samsung Phone app.
  • Galaxy S24 captures great photos even in low light at night with Ultra Night Photography, and it also has the feature of Ultra Zoom. 
  • It also has the facility of ultra editing, through which you can move or delete any object and fill the empty space with anything; for this, it will require an internet connection.
  • With a high-quality 200MP camera, you can share life’s most precious details in nature, true-to-life colour, with photo quality that will be superior to rest.
  • Galaxy S24 Ultra will take your live streaming and gaming experience to the extreme with its stunning screenplay. There will be no shortage of things for you to see, write, design architecture, etc.
  • Along with this, you have also been given the facility of loveliest and flattering. In this way, all the apps run very smoothly. Due to the good quality of the display, you can easily see everything clearly.

It is believed that this series is similar to Pixel 8 and Google‘s Magic Editor; like these phones, it also requires photo backup and an internet connection. Lots of things are the same, too. Interestingly, Google’s despite the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3’s device AI capabilities compared to Tensor Chips, Samsung still requires an internet connection for the feature.


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