Kospet iHeal 5 Smartwatch Review: Is iHeal 5 the Best ECG and Blood Sugar Monitor?

The famous wearable brand Kospet has launched its new smartwatch within its iHeal lineup, the Kospet iHeal 5 smartwatch, which is highly packed with several interesting features, including its stylish and sporty look, several essential health features, and more. In this article we Presenting the comprehensive review of the Kospet iHeal 5 Smartwatch, exploring its features and functionalities.

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This latest smartwatch comes with several interesting features and specifications that certainly make it one of the most advanced and helpful wearable devices in some way. Although the new Kospet iHeal 5 smartwatch brings several impressive functionalities, a big question still arises in everyone’s mind: is the watch worth buying?

Kospet iHeal 5 Smartwatch Review

In today’s modern world, technology has become so advanced that most of our useful work is being done in no time with our smartphones. At the same time, the wearables market has expanded over time, as brands have always been in the race to provide several interesting technologies and functionalities, ensuring to offer the best to their customers.

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In the same context, Kospet, which is one of the most famous wearable brands, has released its new Kospet iHeal 5 smartwatch, which features some impressive functionalities. From its cool design to its essential health features, just have a look at my detailed review regarding this interesting wearable.

Kospet iHeal 5 Smartwatch: Specifications 


Kospet iHeal 5 Smartwatch Review
Kospet iHeal 5 Smartwatch

Design-wise, the new iHeal 5 smartwatch sports a very sporty look with a cool and stylish design due to its circular body frame. It has a simple design, giving it a subtle yet sporty look. With exquisite craftsmanship, it houses zinc alloy with some natural transition and has a nice polish over its body, ensuring a broader vision. The smartwatch features a circular crown button that smoothly rotates and a rectangular-shaped ECG button on its side. The straps are made of silicon with a steel buckle, providing durability to the smartwatch.


Kospet iHeal 5 Smartwatch Review
Kospet iHeal 5 Smartwatch

The iHeal 5 smartwatch comes with a 1.43-inch Super HD AMOLED circular-shaped display screen that offers a bigger, crisper, and more detailed viewing experience. This display screen is super responsive, with a higher-sensitivity touch screen that provides users with a unique and innovative viewing experience. Kospet has provided a borderless design to its circular display panel with a high-quality AMOLED screen that has 3D glass coverage for much better protection. Overall, the visuals of the smartwatch, according to me, were nice, as the smartwatch was producing some natural and bright colors, and I was able to clearly view my watch’s screen with each single detail.

Kospet iHeal 5 Smartwatch: Features

ECG Monitor-

Kospet iHeal 5 Smartwatch Review

The iHeal 5 smartwatch has built-in sensors that actively monitor your heart health while offering real-time health tracking support. The ECG tracking functions basically like this: during each human cardiac cycle, the human pacing points, the atria, and the ventricles simultaneously generate the bioelectricity that gets significantly changed into cardiac electricity, offering you real-time tracking of your heart health. When I tested the ECG feature of the watch, it worked exceptionally well for me, while on the other hand, along with a built-in 24-hour optical heart rate monitoring and a mainstream intelligent heart rate algorithm, this smartwatch can precisely monitor even the smallest of changes within heart health.

Blood oxygen tracking:

Kospet iHeal 5 Smartwatch Review

Perfectly designed to be your healthy companion, this smartwatch also has a blood oxygen monitor that significantly tracks your blood oxygen. With that, this tracker has been equipped with new red and infrared light sensors that look cool and can more accurately monitor the current stage of your body.

Temperature monitoring-

Kospet iHeal 5 Smartwatch Review

The iHeal 5 smartwatch has been equipped with a 24-hour automatic and consistent body temperature monitor that evenly tracks your body temperature, offering you to go out all safe and assured that your health is perfectly fine. The smartwatch allows you to seamlessly track your body temperature at any time and on the go.

Collection of Sports Modes

Kospet iHeal 5 Smartwatch Review

For seamless and uninterrupted workout routines, the smartwatch consists of a wide collection of sports modes, including running, cycling, volleyball, yoga, skipping, jogging, climbing, tacking, swimming, and more. It can seamlessly track your step counts, calories burned, distance traveled, and other essential health and sports metrics. The display interface automatically adjusts according to the sports mode you choose.

Use the smartwatch without taking your phone out of your pocket.

Connecting your smartwatch with your phone with a single click allows you to seamlessly perform several functions, including receiving incoming calls and answering them with a single tap. With the inclusion of the Bluetooth calling feature, you can easily answer all your important calls with a single tap, while the same happens with the notifications as well, as you can reply to your incoming notifications even if you are extremely busy and don’t notice that you have received a call or a message. The watch will give you an alert with a warning vibration without having to take out your phone from your pocket.

Other than that, the iHeal 5 smartwatch also comes with several other useful and distinctive features that include,

  • Bluetooth music listening
  • Weather updates
  • AI Voice Assistant
  • Calculator
  • Alarm clock
  • Find your phone.
  • Event reminder
  • Shake to capture a photo gesture
  • Intelligent alarm clock
  • A stopwatch that reminds you to get up after sitting for too long.
  • Pre-installed watch faces
  • Countdown and many more.

Price and Availability:

The new Kospet iHeal 5 smartwatch has two sportiest color options, including dark and silver, respectively, while you also have the option to choose its straps, as you will be offered two options from stainless steel and silicone. Coming to the price point, the smartwatch is available on Kospet’s official website and is priced at $44.99 USD, respectively.

Is Kospet iHeal 5 the best ECG and blood sugar monitor?

The Kospet iHeal 5 smartwatch sports several impressive features, perfectly prioritizing all your health needs. It can offer stiff competition to other wearable brands due to its interesting features, including real-time heart health monitoring, a sleep tracker, an ECG and blood sugar monitor, a blood oxygen monitor, and body temperature measurement.

It also has a bunch of sports modes that include running, cycling, volleyball, yoga, skipping, jogging, climbing, tacking, swimming, and more, allowing you to get your regular workout routine on time. Overall, the smartwatch is amazing with several interesting functionalities, which you could definitely consider buying if you are a fitness freak and never want to miss a single workout or health monitoring routine.

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