List of All Palworld Console Commands and How to Use Them

The action adventure, animal survival, and monster killing game of Palworld 2024 is one of the most beloved and is currently breaking all records at the moment. It looks like a mixture of Pokemon and Axvally World, but its features and commands are also somewhat like PUBG. 

There are approximately 20 types of worlds to play in, and additional features include a PvP world, a new island, and friends to explore and raid bosses for endgame players. Pal can use a variety of items in the game, such as a cart pulled by direwolves, a sniper rifle with a scope, a lasso, rocket ships, fishing boats, a floating sky empire, and more.

Palworld Console Commands

Although the best features also include the ability to choose anything like monster,Pal, world, and fighting assets according to your preferences, these features are also similar to those of the PUBG, but Palworld has more innovative and creative features. Here are some commands for connecting the Xbox to the game, and you can easily enjoy your game. 

List of All Palworld Console Commands

Console CommandWhat it does
/TeleportToMe (SteamID)Teleport a specific player in the server to your character’s location.
/BanPlayer (SteamID)Ban a specific player from the dedicated server.
/KickPlayer (SteamID)Kick a specific player out of the dedicated server.
/DoExitForcefully shutdowns the dedicated server immediately.
/SaveSave the world data.
/InfoShows info on the dedicated server.
/ShutDown (Seconds) (Message)Shutdown server after a number of seconds, and send a message alerting players.
/TeleportToPlayer (SteamID)Teleport your character to the location of a specific player in the server.
/ShowPlayersShow information on all players in the dedicated server.
/Broadcast (Message)Send a message to all players in the dedicated server.

When the Xbox and game are connected, you can use the commands to jump, scroll, roll, run, and engage in other activities, allowing you to explore a new world with this game.

How to use console commands in Palworld: 

  • The server must be installed.
  • You must have administrative privileges. 
  • Press enter to bring up the chatbox.
  • Each command can begin with a forward slash,
List of All Palworld Console Commands

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