Google Brings New Updates to the Maps, Making Your Holiday Planning A Lot More Easier

At times, while planning a holiday trip, we certainly need to figure out various essential aspects, including famous tourist attraction points, where to eat, and where to stay, which can be a daunting task. And for that, you need proper planning and knowledge of the place you are about to visit. Simultaneously, to make your research a bit easier, Google Maps is here with a few new updates that will be very useful, as you will get the overall feel and knowledge of that specific place before visiting. 

The three new updates to Google Maps include top recommendations with the lists, new customization tools for creating and sharing lists, and getting all the information at a glance about what’s famous about the place with the help of AI, respectively. With that, read on, as you will get to learn more about these new features.

Top recommendations from top sites with lists  

Certain top recommendations can be very useful, especially when you want to discover all the interesting spots in any place you have dreamt of. If you wanted to try out some new and trendy spots even when you have already visited the place or are visiting it for the first time, Maps has a new capability of top recommendations from some top sites or the Google Maps community, which will allow you to explore some famous and interesting places or food items with the help of the lists curated by Google Maps. 

These lists are curated on the basis of the places you are interested in or have saved to view later, including the top list that shows the places that the Maps community loved the most, the trending list that’s updated every week so that people can sneak peek at the trendy place and explore some of the of the latest hot spots, and finally, the third list includes the Gems list, which is the perfect house for several famous or too-picked restaurants. 

Ability to create and customize lists 

With the new update, Google Maps will now allow you to easily create and customize lists using some helpful customization tools. This will certainly help you to manage and organize your plans regarding the places you need to visit while also keeping an eye on the places you have already visited. In order to create a new list, you need to tap on the New List button placed in the saved tab. Now, whenever you are exploring places on Maps, adding the place to your list will help you save it so that you can view it later. 

On the flip side, you also get the capability to edit or customize the places; tapping on the Edit option will allow you to customize the list order to make it even more helpful for you to quickly get your favorite place on the go. 

Get information about the place at a glance.

Almost all of us do a lot of planning before heading for a holiday trip or vacation, but it’s natural that the plans could change at the last moment, forcing you to explore or find information about places on the go. But thanks to AI, maps will now provide some great and useful information about places at a glance. By selecting your favorite place, you can now scroll down to find some interesting photos and reviews from the people who have visited that place, while also providing you with a brief knowledge of what is unique about the place. 

On the flip side, this summer, Maps will get a fresh new look, where you will start to see some new designs that will offer Maps a clear look, which significantly include a much clearer home screen with only a few tabs and some colors for pins that will make it easier for you to find the places you have pinned on the map.

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