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How Many Software Updates will Vivo T2 Pro 5G Get?

In the Android ecosystem, software updates play an important role in keeping the phone refreshed with some new features and enhancements. The major updates arrive once a year for the latest version of the Android operating system, while the security patch updates are too frequent and come to the device each month. In contrast, every Android manufacturer offers software updates and security patches for their devices, while Vivo is no different. The brand introduced the Vivo T2 Pro 5G to users a while ago with numerous features, but users might be wondering how many software updates the new T2 Pro 5G will get.

Unlike every other smartphone brand, Vivo follows a software update policy, according to which the brand offers the software updates to its devices as their eligibility. However, Vivo provides the least number of software updates to its devices, as the majority of its devices are committed to getting no more than two major OS updates and three years of security patches, respectively. In contrast, the brand has made changes to its software update policy in 2021, with its newer flaships to get three generations of software updates and patches for some selected models. 

Vivo T2 Pro 5G Software Update Support:

In contrast, other than its flagships, the majority of other phones are bound to get 2 generations of OS updates and 3 years of security patch updates. Similarly, the latest Vivo T2 Pro 5G is committed to receiving 2 generations of software updates and 3 years of security patch updates, respectively. 

Since Vivo has launched the phone with Android 13-based Funtouch OS 13 out of the box, the latest Vivo T2 Pro 5G will get 2 OS updates until Android 15, while the device will get security patches for up to 3 years until 2026. This certainly means that the device will receive all the latest and upcoming features and refreshments, along with security improvements, for its entire shelf life.

AspectVivo T2 Pro 5G
OS Updates2 (Until Android 15)
Security Patch Updates3 years (Until 2026)
Vivo T2 Pro 5G Software Update

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