Finally, WhatsApp Has Begun Testing Its Meta AI; Available For Some Select Users In India

Meta has made its intentions clear about injecting the Meta AI within WhatsApp Chats, as the major news is floating around that WhatsApp has already begun testing the Meta AI in India, which is appearing in the form of a new icon for some selected users. 

Ask Anything And Everything With Meta AI

WhatsApp has begun testing the long-awaited Meta AI, which is powered with Meta’s own Large Language Model Meta AI(LLaMa). Built with some advanced AI-powered technologies, the latest Meta AI will allow users to ask for anything and everything or have a normal conversation with the AI model. 

The moment you open up the Meta AI chat, which is significantly placed at the top right corner of WhatsApp’s main chat screen, you will get to notice a Meta verified badge that says- “#with LLaMa#”. On the flip side, the Meta AI chat has a pop up that reads out- “Ask Meta AI anything” with some suggestions prompts that are mentioned below the pop up.

The Meta AI is limited to only a few regions with having support of English language as of now, when initiating a conversation with the Meta AI prompts a message that reads out- “Messages from Meta AI and other characters are generated by artificial intelligence(AI), using a service from Meta, response to the prompts you send to the AI”. The platform further clarifies that the new Meta AI tool is designed in such a way that it can only read or reply only to those conversations that mentions @ Meta AI.

Moreover, WhatsApp is also taking feedback from the users on Meta AI, with the capability for the users to certainly tap and hold their AI-generated responses and select the options from Good response or Bad response, respectively. Also, users also have the flexibility to type their own reason and submit it. 

How To Start A Conversation With Meta AI?

With that, here are a few steps that will help you to start your conversation with the Meta AI:

  • First off, do note that you can ask for anything and everything from the Meta AI.
  • So to begin, tap on the Meta AI icon placed at the top right corner of WhatsApp’s main chat screen.
  • Accept the terms and conditions when prompted.
  • Here, either choose the suggested prompt or type your own one.
  • Finally, tap the Send button.

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