OnePlus 8T and Nord 2 get new updates with strange version numbers

OnePlus has started rolling out a new update to its older models, the OnePlus 8T and Nord 2. The devices have already received multiple updates to date, and in a similar series, they have been receiving a new update that brings some general improvements within the system stability and compatibility along with other enhancements. To put forward the fact, the brand has released the latest update to both devices with strange build versions.

The OnePlus 8T

The OnePlus 8T is receiving the latest update based on Android 14 comes with the U80P00(BRB1EX01) version number, and packs a package installation size of 56.64MB. The new update to the 8T brings several enhancements within certain functionalities, including the fuzzy search support on the editing page of the smart sidebar, the addition of the partial screenshot option within the smart sidebar, changes within the screen recording indicator settings, along with further improvements within the system that significantly enhances overall system stability and compatibility. To know more about what’swhat’s new, head to the official changelog mentioned below.


Smart Sidebar

  • You can now perform a fuzzy search on the editing page of Smart Sidebar.
  • Adds a “”Partial screenshot”” option in the Smart Sidebar.

Screen recording

  • The screen recording indicator is now shown in a floating window by default. You have the option to choose the indicator location the first time you use screen recording. You can also change it later in Settings.


  • This update improves system stability and compatibility.

OnePlus Nord 2

On the flip side, the OnePlus Nord 2 is also getting a new update based on Android 13, which has arrived with the U80P00(BRB1EX01) build version and has a package installation size of 59.57MB. Although the new update to the OnePlus Nord 2 hasn’t arrived with some noticeable improvements and enhancements, it has had a major impact on the overall system performance. The update significantly improves the overall system stability and compatibility so that users can get a better and more stable user experience. 

Here’s the changelog:


  • This update improves system stability and compatibility.

OnePlus is releasing updates with strange version numbers, Here’s why

OnePlus has explained the reason behind releasing the update with the strange version numbers is that, though it’s a normal system update with the version numbers, the iteration pattern follows a format- like x10. Pxx, x20.Pxx, x30.Pxx and so on. Therefore, by releasing such strange updates users will not have to wait for the OTA updates, as this single update covers an entire package, which is capable of upgrading the features. It will significantly enhance the user’s overall software experience. 

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