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 Is Vivo V30e Waterproof ?

Before purchasing a new device, people consider many aspects, from its functionalities to specifications and features, which will significantly keep their UI refreshed for a longer period, as expected. Checking the water-repellent properties is equally important as it will keep the phone safe from accidental drops in water or water splashes. In contrast, following the latest trend, several Android smartphone manufacturers have begun providing water-repellent properties (IP rating) to their devices. Similarly, Vivo has infused water-repellent properties on its Vivo V30e phone. Meanwhile, is the Vivo V30e waterproof?

Vivo V30e Waterproof

In the Android smartphone industry today, numerous phones are water-repellent, which means that they are infused with an IP rating that significantly suggests whether the device is waterproof or water-resistant. The IP or Ingress Protection rating is the standard mark highlighting that the device is tested against two kinds of ingress: solid and liquid. The first digit is for solid, while the second digit signifies the protection against liquid ingress. 

IP Rating, Water Resistance Explained:

The solid ingress consists of fine dust particles, and its mark ranges from 0-6. The liquid ingress consists of water, and its mark ranges from 0-8, where 8 marks the maximum protection. Regarding the Vivo V30e, the phone has offered an IP64 rating, where the first digit is 6, which is the highest mark of protection against dust ingress, making the phone highly capable of withstanding a dusty environment. 

On the flip side, the second digit, 4, denotes that the device is protected against water, which is the latest mark of protection and makes the phone water resistant but not waterproof. The phone will be able to keep itself safe from water splashes and dust. Therefore, the Vivo V30e is dust and water resistant, while the phone also comes with wet touch technology, which will allow users to control their phone even with their wet hands.      

Vivo v30e

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