Google Pixel 10’s Tensor G5 chip could be manufactured by TSMC

Google’s custom Tensor processor has been developed for the first time since Samsung’s silicon division in 2021. Although Google was limited to Samsung’s technologies, since then, Google has been able to develop its processors and chipsets in a very short time in which at least engineers also joined hands. 

Moreover, Google is not competing with TSMC; it is expected to use one of its new chipsets in collaboration with it. It was confirmed last year that Samsung will still manufacture the upcoming Pixel 9’s Tensor G4 while the Tensor G5 will be manufactured by TSMC, making it Google’s first chip without Samsung’s help. 

Tensor G5 chip could be manufactured by TSMC

According to the Android Authority, The tensor G5 chip is in a sample shipping manifest that can be found in a publicly available database. It has the short codenames “LGA”, Tensor G5, and “Laguna Beach”. Similarly, Google can abbreviate “Whitechapel” as “WHI” and “Zuma Pro” as “ZPR” for Tensor G4. TSMC and InFO POP mention that a packaging technology specific to TSMC has been used. 

There are still about 16 months until the release of this upcoming chip, and Google may need a lot more time to test this brand-new platform, so we don’t need to jump to any conclusions too soon. On the other hand, the chip may also have 16GB RAM manufactured by SEC., which we can see in the form of 16GB RAM in Pixel 9 Pro and, in the coming time, in Pixel 10. 

On the other hand, one exporter was Google LLC in Taiwan, and the importer was Tensolv Semiconductor in India. However, both came forward for testing, and it is expected that Google will now join hands with Samsung to conduct such tests. Hopefully, this will be seen in the upcoming devices. 

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