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Tips to Boost Realme Phone’s Battery Life

There are a number of factors that contribute to poor battery life on your Realme Phone. Thinner bodies, brighter screens, faster processors, more background software, and speedier internet connections all take their toll on phone batteries, which is why battery cases and portable batteries have grown in popularity. Here are some important Tips to Boost Realme Phone’s Battery Life.

Turn On Power Saving Mode

Think you’re going to be stuck in a situation where you need your Realme phone battery to last longer than it normally does? Switch your phone into power saver mode, which automatically cuts back on functions that may eat battery life.

Your Screen Is Too Bright

Smartphone screens look great these days, but unsurprisingly, crisp resolution and bountiful pixels are battery hogs. You probably don’t need your Realme device turned up to the highest setting. Go into your display settings and turn down the brightness on the screen; your eyes and battery will thank you.

Take Control of Your Apps

Developers put a lot of work into making sure their apps run as efficiently as possible. Update your apps as often as possible to ensure you’re running the best version available.

Wi-Fi Is Your Friend

Network data is strenuous on your battery, so use Wi-Fi whenever possible.You can stop your Realme phone from using cellular data by turning off mobile data services from the quick settings panel on your phone. You can also make use of Airplane Mode to disable all data network features and switch on Wi-Fi, though this will disrupt incoming calls and SMS texts.

Give the Active Tracking a Rest

Features like Bluetooth visibility and location services are helpful but drain your battery as your Realme phone pings to connect and update. If you’re looking to preserve juice, turn them off until you actually need them.

You also might not need your voice assistant program at all times. If you have Google Assistant up and running, go into the Assistant settings and deactivate it, which will stop Google Assistant from actively listening and using up battery life.

Silence Your Phone

A Realme phone constantly beeping and buzzing with notifications is annoying and a battery drain so knocks it off.

Ask a Third-Party App

If all this is too much to remember, a service like If This Then That (IFTTT) supports automated workflows that can help you conserve battery life. Use IFTTT to turn off services like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth based on your location, for example, or disable specific services when your battery falls to a certain percentage.

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