[Update: Feb 09] PUBG Mobile India Latest News: Fulfilled all terms and conditions

PUBG Mobile is believed that on this day Rama returned to his people after 14 years of exile. And in a way, our PUBG Mobile also arrives after the completion of his exile time (ban time).

We all wanted PUBG Mobile to come back because it did not feel good without it, there was a need for PUBG Mobile for our entertainment in our spare time, or to remove our boredom. And this requirement is being met now.

Here, We are decided to cover all the latest news about PUBG Mobile India. So you can track all the updates about it.

PUBG Mobile India Latest News Tracker

Update: Feb 09

PUBG Mobile India Developers have fulfilled all terms and conditions of the Indian government to run the application in India. But the Indian government hasn’t responded to the relaunch.

Update: Feb 02

The government of India has announced a permanent ban on all Chinese app from June 2021. PUBG Mobile was also banned with all Chinese apps, so it may be waiting for more to come back to India.

Update: Jan 26

As per the report in LiveMint, the Indian Govt. has apparently stated that the ban on TikTok and ALL the Chinese apps will continue in the near future. In June 2020, the Government of India had banned TikTok along with 59 Chinese apps while in September 2020, 118 apps including PUBG Mobile India were banned by the government

Update: Jan 21

Multiple reports have suggested that PUBG Mobile India was going to make a return on 19 January, but it didn’t launch. Now some reports have suggested that on 25th January 2021, there is some surprise for PUBG Mobile India users.

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Update: Jan 16

There is a video that was uploaded on YouTube with the news saying the second trailer of PUBG India might be released between January 15 and 19 this year. “The teaser will contain a few of the biggest PUBG Content Creators of India,” the post stated. Maxtern also said he is going to announce something really important between January 15 and January 19.

Update: Jan 05

Continue to this, PUBG Corporation has unveiled some plans for the game in the year 2021 which we can call a piece of our fruit of patience. According to James Yang (PUBG Mobile director), PUBG Corporation has made big plans for PUBG Mobile’s Global Expansion. But this plan for PUBG Mobile Global version.

Update: Dec 24

As per inside sport, Krafton Inc has got more people on board by inducting four more people to the team. The new members of the team are Akash Jumde, Piyush Agarwal, Arpita Priyadarshini, and Karan Pathak.

Update: Dec 21

Krafton Incorporated, the parent company of PUBG Mobile, has appointed a new country manager for India.

Aneesh Aravind has over 15 years of experience in the industry, having worked for multiple companies, including Tencent. He excels as a business leader and has exceptional problem solving and communication skills, a collaborative leadership style, and has quite the expertise in building cross-functional and diverse teams.

Update: Dec 15

PUBG Mobile India has confirmed that it will be back for Battle Royale fans in India. Now PUBG Mobile of Indian version is available to download in APK format on various websites, but it is totally fake. So if you think to download the APK file of this game then not try it. It can be malware that may be harming your device.

Update: Dec 13

According to the India Today report, hat the MeitY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology) has denied permission to PUBG Corporation for the launch of the PUBG Mobile. The report added that the government is not convinced of the launch of the app despite several changes from the PUBG corporations.

Update: Dec 11

A report by The Indian Express said that many YouTubers and data miners have allegedly spotted PUBG Mobile India’s welcome gift. The gift is likely to include the Anarkali Headgear, the Anarkali Set, and a Classic Crate Coupon.

Update: Dec 07

Currently, PUBG Corporation is trying to organized meetings with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY), But there is not any kind of response from Govt. So this is bad news for Indian PUBG Mobile players.

Update: Dec 02

The reports have it that that APK download links will be available on the official website of its Indian edition before Google Play Store.  So this is good news for gamers who are waiting for this game in India.

Update: Dec 01

According to a report in InsideSport, citing sources inside the country’s all-important Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY), the status of PUBG Mobile has not changed as of this writing, and until it gets approval from this agency, it will not return to the country.

Update: Nov 27

You have to hear so many news and rumors about PUBG Mobile India launched very soon in India. According to the InsideSport report, the Indian government has not granted any permission to PUBG Mobile India to restart operations.

Update: Nov 26

PUBG Mobile app to be published instantly on Google Play Store. The standalone PUBG Mobile India app seems to have been given advanced clearance on Google Play Store. Te Play Store review them has been notified and advised not to hold the application in the review phase.

According to GEM esports, The Google Play Store review team has been briefed stating to have the app published live instantly and not to be held for review.

Update: Nov 25

PUBG Mobile Private Limited is officially registered in India after approval by the ministry of corporate Affairs. The approval means PUBG Mobile India is going to launch very soon in India. Yesterday, we reported that PUBG Mobile apply a subsidiary company with the Indian government.

Update: Nov 24

PUBG India Has Officially Registered Its Company

PUBG Corporation seemingly taking yet another massive step on the road to the actual release of the game. PUBG India Private Limited has been registered as a subsidiary of a Foreign Company with the Indian government.

Update: Nov 19

PUBG Mobile fans are getting a little angsty about when the game will be released in India. Another potential blow has also happened with the game’s alleged pre-registration link being removed from the TapTap store.

Update: Nov 18

Global data transfer to India server

The users will be notified of the same when they log-in to the game as their permission would be required for the transfer of data. This is huge news for all the PUBG Mobile players across the country who were concerned about the same since the news about the game’s return to India broke out last week.

Update: Nov 15

PUBG Mobile Player Kronten claimed that PUBG Mobile’s full trailer will be released today (November 15th) and that the game can be expected to release by November 20th.

Update: Nov 12

PUBG Mobile is returning to India with a special version of the game devised for Indian users. The new version of the game claims to have addressed the privacy concerns which were cited as the reason behind the ban.

PUBG Mobile also confirmed that it would be making a $100 Million USD investment in the country to “cultivate the local video game, esports, entertainment, and IT industries”

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