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How to Block Unwanted Calls on Realme Smartphone

If you’re receiving spam calls or someone won’t leave you alone, you can block their number. That way, their calls and text messages will no longer appear on your phone. But don’t worry, you can always unblock them if you change your mind.

Unwanted calls are an unfortunate inevitability in life. Whether you’re getting too many robocalls or someone from your past won’t leave you alone, you might wonder how to block unwanted calls.

How to Block Numbers on Your Realme Smartphone [Tips and Tricks]

Realme UI has a built-in option for blocking phone numbers. This is a good option if a specific number keeps calling you. If your device doesn’t have all these features, try installing the Google Phone app.

To block a number that’s recently called you, open your Phone app and switch to the Recents list. Press and hold on a number, then choose Block/report spam from the menu that pops up.

To block a number that’s not in the Recents list. you should go contact list in your’s Realme phone and choose which number you want to block, then open the contact and click on three dots and tap on the block number.

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