PUBG: Battlegrounds now supports cross-platform play; Features, details, and more

PUBG: Battlegrounds is now free-to-play and players can now play the game for free on Steam. However, alongside being free, developers have also arranged for cross-platform play. By enabling Cross-Platform Play, all console players can play in the same team or against each other in the same matchmaking pools, including custom matches.  

Players will not be playing with or against PC players when Cross-Platform Play is enabled. This article shares every details regarding this new feature and how players can operate it.

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PUBG supports cross-platform play from now: All you need to know


  • Xbox
  • PlayStation
  • Stadia

The Cross-Platform Play feature can be turned on/off in “Settings – Gameplay – General Settings – Cross-Platform Play.”

If a match cannot be found after a specific time with the Cross-Platform Play option “off,” players will be prompted if they want to switch the Cross-Platform Play option “on.”


You’ll be able to identify players from either Xbox, Playstation, or Stadia through the UI, including kill feed, death box, custom match lobbies, and while spectating.

  • Players playing on the same platform can see their platform logo next to their IGN (in-game name) when the Cross-Platform Play option is “on.”
  • Players on other platforms can be identified by a controller icon next to their IGN in the kill feed. This can also be seen on their nameplate while spectating.
  • Players on other platforms can be identified in custom match lobbies and the Social hub by a controller icon and a small colored dot next to their IGN.
    • Xbox – Green
    • PlayStation – Blue
    • Stadia – Pink

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With Cross-Party Play, you’ll be able to:

  • Party up with players on other console platforms.
  • Search for, friend, and/or invite players on other console platforms.
  • Mute players from other console platforms in the lobby and during a match.
  • Join custom matches created on other platforms.

The Team Finder feature lets you connect with other players before the match begins instead of being randomly matched up in the pre-game zone. You can let friends and other players know that you’re looking for a team and accept invites to their lobbies.

The Team Finder takes your selected game mode and language settings into account, so you know you’ll be matched up where you want to be.

  • You can now look for a team to play with using the Team Finder function.
    • If you’re not in a team, you can toggle team finder to let friends or other players know you are looking for a team.
      • You will then be listed on the team finder player list, waiting to be invited by a searching player.
    • If you are already in a team or want to create your own team, you can invite players from the team finder list.


  • Team Finder will automatically be set based on your selected game mode, perspective and language settings.
  • The mic setting is automatically determined after checking whether you have a functioning mic connected.
    • Ensure voice input is enabled and not muted. 
    • PUBG must also be granted with access to your mic.
  • Team Finder search and discovery are based on your local region
    • Players with same game mode/perspective settings will be shown on the Team Finder list
    • When using Team Finder for Ranked Matches, only players in similar tiers will be shown.

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