BGMI 1.9 update new emergency pickup feature: All you need to know

The BGMI 1.9 update is almost around the corner and players can expect the update by the second week of March 2022. As always, the update will bring in a lot of fresh content for the players.

Several leaks and teasers have hinted that a new emergency pickup feature might be added in the 1.9 update.

This article shares every detail that players need to know about the new emergency pickup feature in the BGMI 1.9 version.

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Emergency pickup feature in BGMI 1.9 update explained in detail

The 1.9 version of BGMI might release on 18 march 2022 but data miners have already started mining the features and leaks of the forthcoming iteration. One of the most popular features that might arrive in the game is the emergency pickup function.

The emergency pickup feature was first seen in New State Mobile. Although the name of the feature in New State Mobile is not exactly ’emergency pickup’ the Drone airdrop actually helps players in the game to call in for supplies amidst a match.

What is the emergency pickup feature in BGMI 1.9 update?

As far it has been known, the emergency pickup will be an airdrop feature that will allow players to call in for in-game supplies (Armors, bullets, weapons, medkits, etc.) during the match or during any emergency.

Advantages of having the emergency pickup location

Upon calling the drop or pickup service, a small drone-like tool will fly the care package (including supplies that the player has ordered) to the player. From there, players can collect the supplies safely avoiding the risk of looting an airdrop.

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This will benefit the players tremendously as players can easily call in for extra loot or some extra aids when they run out of supplies and we all know how the shortage of supplies puts a team at a great disadvantage on the battlefield.

Although this new feature is not confirmed yet, having this while playing BGMI or PUBG Mobile will completely change the gameplay style and strategies for many players.

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