Indian PUBG Mobile Lite fans can’t wait as BGMI Lite launch comes closer

Indian PUBG Mobile Lite fans are super hyped up and they can’t wait as the community is now pretty clear that something is cooking regarding the launch of BGMI Lite.

Several hints, teasers, and online leaks have led to these conclusions that are driving the Indian PUBG Mobile Lite community crazy.

Ever since the ban of PUBG Mobile Lite in India, fans are disheartened and low as they cannot run BGMI on low-end devices. Therefore, the arrival of BGMI Lite is much expected and it is for sure that the developers are pretty late in releasing the game.

This article shares all the hints and teasers regarding the launch of BGMI Lite that will clearly portray that BGMI Lite is in the works and the release is much closer.

BGMI Lite launch: Here’s why players can expect the game soon

1) Popular BGMI influencers are frequently hinting at the arrival of BGMI Lite

YouTubers and professional gamers have tweeted or spoken up, hinting that the release of BGMI Lite is closer than we think.

Ocean Sharma, a popular YouTube caster and commentator, recently highlighted the advent of the Lite version, hinting that it would be released soon. He also asked his fans on Twitter if they believed the Lite version will be ready soon.

Furthermore, prominent player and Battlegrounds Mobile India partner Maxtern announced the game’s release through Twitter. Fans should bear in mind that Maxtern tweeted similar messages before the release of BGMI, hinting that the game is on the verge of being released.

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2) The Discord poll on BGMI’s Discord channel

In response to millions of players’ pleas, Krafton held a vote on their main Discord channel a few months ago. Players were asked why they wanted the Lite version of the game to be released in the country.

The poll received a large number of votes, but the developers haven’t revealed any further information about the release since then. As a result, the vote generated a lot of excitement among the community about the game’s release.

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3) Delay in PUBG Mobile Lite update

For a long time, PUBG Mobile Lite fans have been requesting an update to the game, but aside from the modest 0.22.1 update, no other big update has yet to be released. As a result, many popular data miners believe that the upgrade is being delayed only because the developers are working on BGMI Lite.

In addition, Indian gamers who had money put in the gaming account were not returned. As a result, those gamers are more immersed in the excitement around the debut of BGMI Lite.

After Ocean, Maxtern hints about BGMI Lite release with his new tweet

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