BGMI will release voice packs of Payal, Ghatak, and Dynamo after 1.9 update

The 1.9 beta version of BGMI will be out as soon as the Month 8 Royale Pass ends. After the Month 9 Royale Pass begins, players will be able to get their hands over the brand new basic and special voice packs of Snax Gaming.

It was only a few months back when BGMI had introduced the exclusively tailored voice chat packs for Indian gamers where they introduced the “Play As Your Hero” event with the basic and special voice packs of Jonathan and Kaztro. In the beta version of the 1.9 update, however, users saw the voice packs of some more popular BGMI influencers that are to appear after the next 1.9 update.

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Voice packs of popular BGMI influencers are set to release after the 1.9 update

As per the voice pack images seen in the beta version of BGMI, customized voices of Payal Gaming, Ghatak Gaming, and Dynamo Gaming will be released in the game. Many are anticipating that the voice packs will be of the same price (250 UCs) as Jonathan and Kaztro’s in the ‘Shop’ and the special voice pack will have to be obtained by drawing out crates.

These voice packs will come as a continuation of the “Play As your Hero” event and will feature these popular creators of YouTube and social media.

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Payal Gaming, Ghatak Gaming, and Dynamo Gaming are themselves quite a giant in their professional and influential skills and fans would love to use their voices while playing the game. Dynamo Gaming has over 10 Million subscribers on his YouTube channel while Ghatak and Payal have 544k and 1.84 Million subscribers respectively.

BGMI will release voice packs of Payal, Ghatak, and Dynamo after 1.9 update

Although the release date of these voice-packs has not been declared yet, players can expect the voice pack consecutively in each month of March, April, and May.

Special voice packs might also see voice chat options like Dynamo’s “Patt se Headshot” and many more fun and popular dialogues of these creators.

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