Samsung won’t give chargers along with smartphones in retail boxes from now on

There was a time when Samsung mocked Apple’s choice not to provide a charger with the iPhone 12. That was in the year 2020. The Galaxy S21 series debuted a few months later, and it, too, did not come with a charger.

Since then, Samsung’s flagships, even the rather costly foldable devices, have come without chargers. Samsung, like Apple, said that this is for conservation, but it is also clearly about the profit line. Samsung looks to be considering removing chargers from even its most cheap smartphones.

Cheap Samsung smartphones will also not come with chargers

According to reports, mobile stores in Europe have verified that certain entry-level Samsung phones would not come with a charger. The Galaxy A13 and Galaxy A23, both of which were launched earlier this week, are on the list. The Galaxy M23 and Galaxy M33 are also expected to be released shortly but have yet to be formally announced.

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Although Samsung has not officially verified this, it is tough to deny that it is possible. It’s already aware that there won’t be many consequences. Customers accept, if reluctantly, that they no longer get a charger, but it is not a criterion they consider when picking which phone to purchase.

So Samsung can simply remove the charger from all of its phones, which it may ultimately do. This will allow the corporation to raise its profits on these low-cost phones, which already have thin margins.

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