What is the most important thing to consider before buying a mobile phone?

Buying a new smartphone can be an intimidating process, particularly when you are unaware of the technology. However, there are several smartphones available from certain brands in the market. Not only in flagship & mid-range but even phones under Rs. 10K are getting good smartphones. The main focus should be on getting the best-performing smartphones within the price that you are paying. 

The primary thing is that you must make a budget checklist whenever you buy a smartphone. This checklist includes performance, display, battery, connectivity, storage, and more. So it’s essential to keep these 4-5 important building blocks in mind and rank them based on what’s your priority. Most importantly, decide on the budget and stay within it.  

This article will guide you in buying the smartphone, going through all the important aspects you need to know about.  

  • Factors:

First, let’s talk about the critical factors. In other words, you must decide which smartphone type you want. For example, if a big screen is essential to you, then look for a Foldable factor. The factor is that if you have a heavy phone in your pocket, then look for a big battery phone. Or else look for a decent 6-inch screen phone.  

  • Display:

Another important point that you need to get focused on is the display. The display plays a vital role in any smartphone’s performance and offers the proper viewing capability. Whether you are a mid-range device or a flagship one, look for a smartphone that offers a higher refresh rate, including 90Hz and 120Hz, but not less than that. Regarding comparing IPS LCD and AMOLED, then AMOLED should definitely be preferable. And if you are buying a smartphone with an IPS LCD, look at its quality. Some displays have good quality while some offer an average rate, so it’s necessary for you to go for the good one. Nevertheless, always go for smartphones offering AMOLED displays. 

If the display is essential, then AMOLED should be your priority. Buying a smartphone with an HD Plus display is fine if your budget is tight, but FHD should have the minimum resolution. As you go out and watch videos on the FHD Plus screen, it looks grainy and doesn’t have good colors. So, you must always prefer FHD at the minimum resolution. Plus, your smartphone’s screen should have Corning Gorilla Glass protection.

  • Software:

Unlike Google, Samsung has also started giving regular updates and commitments to unaware people. In the beginning, Samsung used to provide 1-2 years of significant updates, but now, when the phone launches, the brands tell you how many updates they will give. So that you know that it will be future-proof and new features will come in your smartphone. So, while buying a new smartphone, be it a budget phone, mid-range, or flagship level smartphone, you should get at least 2 years of updates; this is because when you buy a smartphone, you use it for at least 2-2.5 years. Moreover, now you know you will get updates, new features, and significant updates. That’s something you should look at. 

  • Battery

The battery has mostly stayed the same in the last few years, which is the most important aspect you should consider before buying a smartphone. Meanwhile, the battery is always around 4000mAh-5000mAh. Generally, 80-90% of the phones have a battery of 4-5K or 5000mAh, which is enough as you get an entire day of battery life. So, if you scroll through social media, watch YouTube videos, stream web shows, or are engaged in playing games, you don’t have to worry about your battery. 

Although the main reason behind the battery’s lasting, all day is that modern chipsets are around 6nm. The flagships are around 4nm. For example, Qualcomm has a 6nm chipset, the most powerful and energy-efficient processor. Apart from this, you only have to pay attention to fast charging capacity. Things have changed here, as with the introduction of the latest smartphones, the 10W or 15W charger is not allowed. You should opt for at least 33W fast charging capability. However, more than choosing 33W is needed as several brands like OnePlus have devices induced with 60W or higher, which can charge the device in less than half an hour. So, if you are a heavy gamer who spends over five to six hours regularly, getting a big battery capacity is all you need. Whereas, if you use your smartphone for normal tasks, you can go ahead with the lower battery capacity, but remember not to go below 33W charging capacity. 

  • Camera:

No doubt, cameras are the most important element of a good smartphone. Smartphones having higher resolution sensors with good image quality are equally important. Most brands offer higher pixel sensors within their smartphones, but they correlate to picture rate less. Keep in mind that always choose smartphones with suitable primary sensors. At the same time, these are all essential things. But also the software technology is equally important, as that’s where all the magic is. These include low-light photography, night mode, and more. So, while considering a device with more specifications, like night mode photography, ensure you have checked the samples of the photos. 

  • Performance:

Performance should be the most important aspect of your checklist before you buy a new smartphone. If the performance is not good from the beginning, the phone isn’t future-proof. If you reinstall many things after 6-8 months, it will slow down. To check any smartphone’s performance, there’s an Antutu benchmark for it. Always remember to go for smartphones with an Antutu score above 2-3 lakhs.  

Previously, Qualcomm chipsets were considered great processors, but with the introduction of other processors like Dimensity that MediaTek has launched, they give good performance and value for money.    

Additional things that you need to keep in mind:

  • Narrow down your options and begin with setting limits on your budget.
  • Take some expert’s advice.
  • Choose to buy a smartphone from stores rather than going online.
  • Take your time, and take some time to shop around.

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