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How To Fix Heating Issue Of OnePlus Devices After OxygenOS 13

OnePlus has already released OxygenOS 13 official update to the public after more than a month of beta testing; the update adds some important new features to the UI. On the other hand, Company also rolled out the January 2023 security update to the several devices.

OnePlus devices have very refined cooling systems to ensure they don’t overheat. However, most of us have, at some point, experienced the symptoms of overheating. However, in rare cases, overheating can cause physical damage to components of the device.

Many users informed on OnePlus community that their OnePlus device is facing an overheating issue and OxygenOS 13 update. For them, in this article, we have discussed the ways by that, OnePlus users can protect their phones from overheating issues. 

So, according to OnePlus support, you can do these many things to fix the issue. 

  • First of all, this is normal, so there is not need to worry about it, and OnePlus is more concerned about its users rather than its devices. So Don’t worry.
  • Close all the unwanted apps running in the background.
  • When you play games or do any other heavy work on the phone, then it is suggested that you turn off the auto sync. 
  • Using mobile data or making calls in a weak signal area could also over heat your phone, so try to make a call with good signal strength and mobile data turn, if it is necessary.
  • Always keep your phones updated and install apps.
  • If the issue still exists, then reset your phone. But before doing this, back up all your important data.
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