Is iQOO Z9x 5G Waterproof?

Implementing an IP rating has become a global trend, and several Android manufacturers have followed it. Among other Android brands, iQOO has recently unveiled its next and the latest device, the iQOO Z9x. The newest phone has arrived with some amazing features and specifications. Still, it’s equally important to note whether the device can withstand water and dust particles. 

Water-repellent properties significantly highlight that the device has been infused with an IP rating, making it capable of handling water and dust splashing over it. Meanwhile, most phones are water-repellent, which means that the devices are infused with an IP or the Ingress protection rating. The IP rating is the standard mark indicating that the device is being tested against two ingress, Solid and liquid. 

iQOO Z9x 5G Waterproof: IP Rating, Water Resistance Explained

The IP rating comprises two digits. The first digit is for solid ingress, which is dust particles, and ranges from 0-6, while the second digit is for liquid ingress, which is water, and the mark ranges from 0-8, respectively. Meanwhile, the newest iQOO Z9x has been offered an IP64 rating, which makes it dust and water-resistant. Here’s the explanation of why-

The iQOO Z9x’s IP64 rating means the device is dust and water-resistant. The first digit following the IP rating is 6, which denotes that the phone will be entirely capable of resisting in a dusty environment. The second digit in an IP rating is 4, which is considered the least amount of protection against liquid ingress, that is, water. This proves that the iQOO Z9x is dust- and water-resistant, as dust and water splashes cause no damage in any direction.     

iQOO Z9x 5G Waterproof

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