Five Useful Features Android Should Opt From Apple’s iPhone

The Android smartphone brand simplifies your daily tasks with its powerful new features, allowing you to work smoothly across all your devices. You can enjoy a more expressive and advanced customization experience with it as the Android device has the capability of excellent iPhone devices. Nevertheless, Android devices lack some valuable features that iPhones have. So let’s get to know him.

Android is a mobile operating system primarily designed for touchscreen devices like smartphones and tablets. Today in this article, we will show you five features present in iPhone devices and which Android should also adopt in their devices. The characteristics are listed below.

Here are five iOS features we’d like to see on Android soon:

Enhanced privacy and security measures:

Apple offers superior privacy and security measures compared to other Android smartphone devices. The American tech company is concerned about the privacy of its devices and users. Notably, iPhone devices have options such as emergency reset, which allows you to revoke permissions granted to people or apps quickly. And Lock Mode blocks incoming messages and connections from unknown people or devices, whether wired or wireless.

Another important security measure in the Apple iPhone is the Find My Device function. This works even when the iPhone is turned off. With the help of this function, you can track your lost iPhone device. For Android 13 OS, if the device is locked, it cannot be found through Google.

Software Features And Support:

As per the report, Apple provides 5 years of OS updates, which can also be extended, and more than 6 years of security patch updates. It is better than Android in every way, as its updates take longer than Android devices.

On the other hand, Android-based smartphone companies like Samsung, OnePlus, and Oppo provide four years of major OS updates and five years of security patch updates, the most reliable policy among Android devices. However, Apple has even more vital and more reliable software support.

Furthermore, in Android devices, software features, and support vary from device to device. And Apple follows a single update policy.

Automatic cutting objects/image clipper function:

With iOS 16, Apple introduced the Automatic Cutting Objects / Image Clipper function to iPhone devices, which allows you to crop objects from an image or video. Android is currently limited to the latest flagship only, like the Galaxy S23 series, but other Android device makers are now making it available to other devices as well. 

Ability to make your own background:

With iOS 16, Apple introduced a lot of customizable lock screens. iPhone users are able to create wallpapers of different complexity, density, and size with the help of various emoticons, background colors, and other styles. Now Android users want to see the next big update. Thankfully, we no longer have to wait for that, as the developer preview of Android 14 indicates that the upcoming version will bring a lock screen with customizable capabilities.

More sophisticated password manager:

In the world of technology, there are various password managers, but Apple has created its password manager for iPhone devices. iOS users can save usernames and passwords, generate two-factor authentication codes, and take notes. This information is end-to-end encrypted and available on all devices via iCloud.

For your information, Google has its own generated application for two-factor authentication. However, it still lacks some improvements, like allowing you to store usernames, passwords, and two-factor authentication codes in one place.

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