Does iOS 17 Affect iPhone Battery Life? All You Need to Know

Apple has rolled out the stable version of its latest software, iOS 17, introducing a slew of new and impressive features for Apple fans. These features include specific enhancements to the Voicemail, improved FaceTime, more private Journals, advanced Standby, and more. However, some users are not getting any great experience after installing the latest update on their iPhones.

Despite offering such exciting features, there are specific reasons why users need to wait to upgrade to the latest iOS version. Starting with the storage aspect, if your device’s storage space is low, then the downloading process will consume several GBs on your device. 

Apart from this, the biggest issue that the users are facing is the fast battery draining issue the moment they have installed the latest iOS 17 version on their iPhones. Several users have noticed that after installing the latest iOS update, their iPhone drains its battery comparatively faster. It is probably because your phone works in the background to configure your files so that the latest features, which have been brought up by iOS 17, can function correctly.

Meanwhile, another reason your battery is draining faster is that there are sure developers behind the applications on your iPhone that haven’t released iOS 17-ready updates yet, causing those specific applications to take more battery power. 

Additionally, some other reasons include certain factors, including Background app refresh, a few applications that are constantly checking your location, degrading battery health with time, poor battery optimization, and other system services that are running in the background. 

Points to keep in mind:

  • Prevent the applications on your iPhone from updating in the background, which will help you to consume more battery power. Just head to Settings >> General >> select Background App refresh >> and finally Turn it off.
  • Turn off system services as it consumes more battery power. To do so, go to Settings >> Privacy >> Location services >> and at last tap on the System Services toggle to turn it off.

Please turn off the Location services toggle, as these applications use our device’s location even when we are not using them. So it’s better to turn off the Location services if you are dealing with the fast battery drainage on your iPhone running iOS 17. So just open Settings >> Privacy >> Location services. Alternatively, you can either choose the settings for every individual app or turn off the Location services entirely.

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