Android 14: One UI 6.0 Key Features

Samsung first released its Android 14-based One UI 6.0 beta version update for its Galaxy S23, and later expanding to Galaxy S22, Galaxy S21, Galaxy A54, and Galaxy A34 devices. The beta version is only available in all the eligible countries. Here in the article, you can see some key features of the Android 14-based One UI 6.0 beta software update.

The update has arrived with many new changes and improvements as per the users’ convenience and will surely enhance the user’s flawless experience. The update improved various device functionality, such as the Quick panel and camera widget. It also increases customization and personalization as well. 

One UI Features and improvements

The update redesigned the UI better than its previous version. New changes have occurred in quick settings, which include two options: battery as well subdivision known as Device Care. With this latest One UI update, users will get more attractive filters to modify their photos and videos. Also, they are eligible to put watermarks anywhere at their convenience on their photos and videos. 

One UI 6.0 Video Player

The third One UI 6.0 beta firmware enhances the video player layout with controls that are easier to access. The video player also comes with avant-garde speed controls that let users pick between multiple playback speeds from 0.25x to 2.0x.

One UI 6.0 Lock screen customization:

Samsung One UI 6.0 beta comes with more advanced lock screen customization, now offering you a variety of clock styles to choose from. Additionally, you can also change the font of the clock placed on your lock screen. Now when customizing the clock style, you move the clock format to the center, notification icons also align to the center. If you move it to the left, the notification icons also align to the left respectively.

One UI 6.0 Media Player

 if the users access the notification area, then expand the media player, return to the home screen, or go to the lock screen and back to the notification area, the noticeable fact will appear, which indicates that the media player does not even collapse automatically. It keeps possessions of its previous state. 

One UI 6.0 Bixby Text Calls:

The One UI 5.1 version did not support this Bixby text call feature, but now, with One UI 6.0 you can switch to a text call in the middle of a call. Now when you make a call you will see the Bixby text call option. On tap, you can convert a voice call to a text call and vice versa. Plus, it now supports more languages than the previous version.

One UI 6.0 Attractive Emojis & Weather

This new offer not only brings significant changes but also adds small cute, and attractive emojis, which helps to convey messages in different ways and makes communication more fun. The weather application gets a new change now. It will display more metrics, such as moon phases, sunrise, and sunset. It will provide all the information regarding the weather; for instance, upcoming snowfall, rain, or other weather-related occurrence. It will offer a complete overview of the weather. 

One UI 6.0 Dark Mode & Quick Panel

 Previously the Dark mode option and the eye comfort shield were previously present at the top, but now it appears at the bottom side with this update. The Quick Panel has a significant change with this update; now, two large cards for Wi-Fi, as well as Bluetooth, will appear; by swiping down, the users will get access to the quick panel, and another down swipe will hide the panel, along with swiping toward the left the notification bar will appear. The brightness and control bar now automatically appears in the small quick panel if the user swipes down from the top. 

One UI 6.0 Font & Battery

With this latest One UI 6.0 update, the users will get new default fonts. Pictures the users choose to send will show up at the top of the send panel, which they can quickly evaluate a second time, even before sharing. It enhanced battery settings and Smarter airplane mode; now, the apps and data are more secure because this update offers an extra layer of blocking security risks. 

One UI 6.0 Calendar App:

The Calendar app also gets enhanced features; it will offer the chronological order of the saved events without even opening the reminder app. Also, internet applications allow users to run their audio and video even after closing it. Similar to Samsung Dex, the tab list is personalized into two columns. The users can set an ideal location with the help of a magnified view. 

Now it’s more accessible and quick to access the options the users use the most. They can get access to all the Quick panel settings by swiping down from the top right corner of the screen. 

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