Download the Simple Aesthetic Sense Weather App Made By OneLab By OnePlus

OneLab is a creative engine within OnePlus. It aims to develop exciting features that enhance the software experience on OnePlus and beyond. Sense Weather, OneLab’s fourth innovative project, aims to create a connection between humans and nature in the age of digital technologies by digging into the field of multisensory experience design. The Sense Weather application is now available to download through the Google Play Store.

It is worth mentioning that Sense Weather is currently in the Early Access stage, so we recommend not installing it on your primary phone. If you want to download and install it, you can visit the link below at your own risk. 

OneLab By OnePlus: Sense Weather 

Sense Weather application comes with a simple aesthetic user interface, and it provides outside weather information with easy tasks, Charts, numbers, jargon, and heatmaps. Furthermore, the OneLab team says the app is best enjoyed on a mid-range or high-end device with an excellent haptic system, as the app uses the smartphone’s vibration motor to make you “feel” the time.

Also, this application comes with some customization options; here, you can add and remove more cities worldwide. Plus, you can view Celsius and Fahrenheit and manage cities. You can see the below screenshot for more understanding.

Now, Sense Weather is available to download for free via Google Play. Plus, like other OneLab apps, you don’t have to have a OnePlus mobile to use it: it’s compatible with most Android devices.

OnePlus Sense Weather App

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