YouTube Music Is Google’s Low-Key Social Network With Comments: Report

“Feel the Rhythm”! That’s what YouTube Music’s vibes are. A music platform with official albums, singles, videos, remixes, live performances and many more for Android, iOS and desktop devices. Steve Jobs, in 2010, described iTunes Ping as “A social network for music.” Undoubtedly, it’s a great thought that has the chance of being realised at scale by YouTube Music and its new ability to access comments straight forward on the Now Playing screen. 

A couple of weeks ago, to raise key actions, redesigning that UI on both Android and iOS now permits the users to slide up a comments panel, which is directly taken from the main YouTube application. However, Google has a complex relationship with social networks, such as Buzz and, obviously, Google+. Meanwhile, the last try had problems but had a source of annoyance of good core schemes. 

Out of those, one was the idea of Circles or topic-based communities. It also appears that the opportunity for the brand to give chase to social networks has passed, and it adventitiously into one with YouTube Music comments. Especially for the users who want to discuss music, for instance, the lyrics, sound, what a tune means to them, reminiscing, and many more. Whereas the concert recordings can be used to discuss live shows, etc. 

A song is a preplanned topic that is focused and definite with equally natural and obvious discussion thread discovery. On the opposite side, comments can also be powerful and strong enough in scenarios where podcasts move over, with the ability to link comments with particular timestamps being handy. 

Apart from this, another big social network aspect of YouTube Music is the playlists generated by the users, which come to the top in the Home feed along with the “From the community” carousel/shelf and also the ability to view the Channel of the creator to find any other playlist, also can see their public stats of top current listens by songs, artists, videos and playlist as well. 

It is also expected that, in the future update, the brand may offer the ability to comment directly on an album or even playlist for broader commentary in YouTube Music. 


YouTube Music

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