Google Messages Will Soon Introduce New Conversation Picker From Share Sheet 

Google is stretching its modern visual area by offering new updates. Now, it is providing a stylish scheme through a new UI for sharing or forwarding texts and chats. The brand is testing that same conversation picker while selecting Messages for Android from the share sheet. The whole aim behind this new way is to enhance the users’ sharing experience. 

However, for now, the brand ‘Google’ is still working on this new way, and presently, the new share sheet and forwarding conversation picker is spotted in the Google Messages beta. So, the users who get enthusiastic after hearing about this latest update are recommended to wait until the update gets widely rolled out in the preview channel. 

Conversation Picker From Share Sheet Then v/s Now. 

Currently, the users, while choosing Google Messages from the device share sheet, get a pop-up “Select conversation” dialogue box, which features the recent contact’s profile image, name and number. Somehow, this appears pretty tiny and also asks for more focus from the users. There is no search option in case the users need to search for any contact. 

On the opposite side, the latest update, which is yet to arrive, will open a fullscreen “Select recipients” page. Now, the users will get a full-screen page, along with a new search button placed at the top-right corner and obviously “recent conversations” listed first. Basically, with this upcoming update, the users’ conversation list with the last sent messages appears for context, in which only five will appear with the ability to load more. 

Also below that, the users’ full list of contacts gets placed to replace the “New message” shortcut. The lack of a number in this fresh upcoming design might be annoying for people who have various entries. Once they choose a selection, their profile image is placed at the top of the screen, along with the ability to select multiple. Whereas the “Next” button takes them to the full conversation to add anything and send. 


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