MineCraft Live Mob Vote 2023: Meet the New Mobs and Vote for Your Favorite

October is here, and it’s an exciting time for the Minecraft community. Minecraft Live is scheduled for October 15th, and the preliminary details for the Minecraft 1.21 update will be revealed. However, there will be another big event before the event, and that is Minecraft Mob Vote 2023. This is a community-based vote that will allow players to contribute to the future of the game by selecting new mobs to join the game. Here in this article, we are sharing everything you need to know about the upcoming Mob candidates to make it easier for you to choose your favorite. 

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The first mob option for Minecraft Mob Vote 2023 has been revealed, and it’s a Crab. Within the official showcase video, the new Crab mob has an unusual, vibrant blue shell. Furthermore, one of its paws is much larger than the other. The Mobs will be inhabitants of the mangrove swamp biomes and will apparently be able to climb vertically on blocks. That’s a really magnificent mechanic that only spiders have so far.

In the official video, a crab has drowned in the water, and it seems that only its huge claw is visible. Maybe it’s too huge to protect them from getting completely wet. In addition, it’s also mentioned in the video that the players will love the crab claw as it will enable them to keep the blocks away. 


Armadillo is yet another mob announced for the Minecraft Mob Vote 2023. This pretty creature resides in the hot climate of the Savanna biome. However, the most interesting fact about this creature is that it drops scutes. These items will then be used to craft armor for your pet wolf.

This simple addition would make the wolves tougher and much more suitable for bigger battles. Plus, if the armor is paintable, such as the leather horse armor, your dog will still look cool while killing those dumb zombies.


Penguin is the final mob that has been announced for the Minecraft Mob Vote 2023. This pretty and super-friendly mob will currently be found on the very boring stony shore biome. They will be both land as well as water mobs, like axolotls. Even though these will be very clumsy on the land, penguins, in turn will be amazing swimmers. 

Here’s How To Vote In MineCraft Mob Vote 2023.

The process for voting in the Minecraft Mob Vote 2023 is very simple and requires three different ways:

  1. Within a special Bedrock server.
  2. Within the Minecraft Launcher.
  3. And lastly, on the official Minecraft website. 

Do note that the voting will begin on October 13th at 1 PM EDT (10:30 PM IST) sharp and could last for about 48 hours and 15 minutes. It might end on October 15th at 1:15 PM EDT (10:45 PM IST). As a result, the Minecraft community will get enough time to vote for their desired mob in the Minecraft Mob Vote 2023.

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