OnePlus 10T April 2024 security patch Update Is Now Live

In the series of getting April 2024 Security Patch updates, OnePlus has now commenced the latest April 2024 Android Security Patch Update for its OnePlus 10T phone. Meanwhile, several OnePlus models have begun receiving this new update, which is an OTA update that is expected to reach all the OnePlus 10T owners in the coming days. OnePlus 10T April 2024 security patch Update brings many new improvements and features..

The new Android Security Patch for the OnePlus 10T for April brings numerous features and enhancements to the phone, which significantly aims to offer users a smooth and much-accelerated user experience along with enhanced functionalities.

OnePlus 10T April 2024 security patch Update, What Does It Bring New In This Update?

OnePlus’ latest April 2024 Security Patch update, based on Android 14 for the OnePlus 10T, has a file size of 774.86MB and the CPH2413_14.0.0.700(EX01) detectable version number. It introduces several noticeable features and enhancements that will significantly improve users’ software experience. 

The latest update for the OnePlus 10T brings the partial screenshot option in the smart sidebar, creates photo collages without frames in Photos, presses and holds the volume down button to turn the torch on when the phone’s screen is turned off, added the app-specific volume feature that will let you adjust the volume of individual apps based on your requirements, fuzzy search support from the app library in the taskbar, and fingerprint unlocking is now accessible without waking up the screen. 

How To Apply

In addition, the update also introduced several improvements to system stability and optimized performance in order to offer a much more stable and enhanced software experience. To check whether the latest update is available on your device, go to Settings >> About devices >> OxygenOS version >> if the update is available >> Download & install. In order to know more, here’s the entire changelog:



• Adds a “Partial screenshot” option in the Smart Sidebar.

• You can now create photo collages without frames in Photos.

• You can now press and hold the Volume Down button to turn the torch on when the screen is off.

• You can now adjust the volume for individual apps based on your needs.

• You can now enter the first letter of an app name for a fuzzy search from the app library in the taskbar.

• You can now use fingerprint unlock without waking up the screen.

• Improves system stability and performance.

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