Google Releases Web App To Control Pixel Buds On Chromebooks

  • Easily customize your Pixel Buds through the Pixel Buds Progressive Web App (PWA), which has recently made its debut on Chromebooks, providing you control over sound quality.
  • The PWA can also be used to change certain elements like Active noise cancellation and more on your Chromebook laptop.
  • It’s free to install and is available in the Play Store. Even after missing some crucial features, it works completely well for accessing Pixel Buds.  

It’s been a while since Google launched its next-gen Chromebook, the Chromebook Plus. Taking the most reliable experience to the next level, Google released a new Progressive Web app (PWA) recently debuted on Chromebooks, providing you control over the customization of your Pixel Buds.

From Google Drive to Chrome Remote Desktop, you will find a number of Google’s Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) in ChromeOS. Although the new Pixel Buds are free and are easily available in the Google Play Store, the app will not open if you install it that way. However, it seems like this problem is likely to be fixed in the next coming days. The only way to get it working is by visiting the website and tapping on the three-dots menu in the toolbar at the top right corner. Once installed, you must follow the on-screen instructions to connect your Pixel Buds to your Chromebook.

Moreover, not only can you have complete control over Pixel Buds for making adjustments to the sound quality through your Pixel devices, but you can also use your Pixel Buds web app on your Chromebook laptop to make some changes within certain elements, including ANC or active noise cancellation, Touch controls, Muiltpoints and more. This PWA for Pixel Buds also shows the battery level of your Pixel Buds, thus helping you plan when to charge the pair of Buds. Another notable feature is that you can access the Pixel Buds using the app after unpairing them from both your Pixel smartphone and Chromebook.

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While the app covers the basics, certain control options like spatial audio, audio switch controls, and ear tip seal check are currently missing. However, the lack of the options mentioned above in the Pixel Buds web app may come in the way of it being considered a full replacement for the dedicated Android app.

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