Responsive and Ready: Top Google Website Templates for Mobile-Friendly

In order to strive in the market, businesses have to be able to market their products and services in the most efficient way possible. Aside from social media marketing, one thing that any business shouldn’t miss is creating a website.

A website is more than just a platform. In the hands of a skillful marketer, the platform can be used as a tool to convert views into sales. As views are highly important in this case, making sure that your website looks aesthetically pleasing is a must.

If you have a hard time designing a website yourself, you can always depend on Google website templates. These are the assets to use to shorten the necessary time to create and optimize a website.

In this article, we will give you a few website template recommendations you may try to build a beautiful website in a flash. See more in the explanation below.

The Reasons to Use Google Website Templates

These templates are specifically designed for users who are struggling with designing their own websites. Let’s be real here, it might get pretty challenging to make a fully functioning website from scratch. The task becomes even more daunting when you realize that you don’t have the necessary skills to get the job done.

If you are struggling with the same issue, you can always depend on these templates. You may find lots of them on the internet. As Google website templates known for their responsiveness, it’s a good idea to depend on them. Even by default, the templates are just enough to make a stable website that loads quickly and looks great. 

Below are some of the best Google site templates you may try:

The Top Google Website Templates to Use

1. Divi

Aside from the Reel templates, you may always find the best one for your website. In fact, the Elegant Themes WordPress theme platform makes Divi a personal website template that has elegant visuals. With Divi, you can choose one of hundreds of pre-made designs for a website that looks sophisticated, neat, and attractive.

The thing that deserves a thumbs up from Divi is its visual builder technology which allows you to create a personal website by drag & drop.

For those of you who want to build a website other than a personal website, Divi also facilitates it. Starting from business websites, and virtual schools, to even e-commerce websites.

The visual-based builder allows you to customize designs without coding, just drag-and-drop and change size and color from the dashboard editor. Set transformation and animation effects for each design element directly in the dashboard builder.

Layouts and template elements compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. The Role Editor feature is available to set access limits for each stakeholder (for those of you who work in a team).

2. Jevelin

You also shouldn’t miss Jevelin as a cool personal website template. Apart from the need to build a personal website or blog, Jevelin is also very flexible for you to use in developing other types of business websites.

With Jevelin, you will find various layout modules that make your website look neat, and minimalist in addition to an abundant choice of features and effects. Jevelin includes the WPBakery page builder so that anyone without coding skills can build a personal website with just a drag-and-drop template.

Pre-built elements from WPBakery, WooCommerce, and Slider Revolution plugins are available. The template is also super responsive and SEO Optimized.

3. Nastic

We can guarantee that you will like the layout presentation of this personal website template. How could it not be, aside from the professional email templates, the futuristic impression and full of animations and effects will make your personal website appear more appealing.

Nastik was created specifically for the personal website needs of someone who works in the digital and creative industry, for example, designers, photographers, producers, etc. Almost the same as the previous templates, Nastik is a page builder platform that facilitates you to create a website using drag-and-drop so that it is beginner-friendly.

The template is equipped with the Slider Revolution plugin, and you can also add a parallax effect in several parts.

4. Romea

Modern and striking. Those are the two words that represent Romea’s personal website template. Romea is a Google website template that is perfect for personal websites, startup businesses, companies, agencies, and even freelancers.

This template will make the description of your works attractive and professional thanks to the animation and parallax effects in several parts. Moreover, Romea provides two demo sample options with personal website layout designs based on gender preferences (black for men, pink for women).

The website has a one-page layout structure and many widget choices to suit your web display needs.

5. Liga

Another personal website template that has all the greatness, it’s called Liga. The one-page layout web structure, eye-catching animation, and modern minimalist design are the Liga’s mainstays.

Even so, Liga is very responsive for non-programmers to use because it doesn’t require any coding. As a WordPress-based personal website template, the Liga theme comes with advanced options for setting each standard post category via the admin dashboard.

This allows you to easily change layouts, colors, typography, etc. through just one structured interface. It’ll make the website more interactive with the additional animations. It also has the super complete WordPress Customizer.

An integrated WordPress block editor is also beneficial. If you want to try, the demo installer is easy to download because it uses one-click install technology.

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