Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Camera May Be Proofed Adorable: Render Leaks

Details have been leaked about the latest Galaxy S24 Ultra, which has far better cameras and storage upgrades compared to the titanium iPhone, Google’s Pixel lineup.

The Galaxy S lineup has been improving itself year after year with a stronger frame and build. Samsung has struggled with image post-processing, high-end sensors, and areas where its photos are the best digitally, but it has also failed in physical photos.

According to Alvin on Twitter/x, the handset will bring a more realistic approach to image processing, and Samsung will sharpen the image “more properly.”

The camera processing is more realistic than the S23 Ultra (although this might change in the final software), and Samsung controls the sharpening & saturation more properly.

It’s basically all about AI, as the biggest improvement is the implementation of smart features powered by Galaxy AI. Titanium Grey Galaxy S24 Ultra looks far better than the Natural Titanium iPhone 15 Pro (not my words). It feels great to hold, even though it is flatter. 

However, a recent post by @mysterylupin suggests that Samsung will be using the same storage and memory options as the S23 Ultra. The storage configuration will remain unchanged, which means we won’t see higher RAM numbers or anything over 1TB.

It is possible that Ultra will enter the market with these features – 

The RAM will be 12 GB or up to 1TB of storage, and the processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. The rear camera is 200 MP + 12 MP + 10 MP + 50 MP, the front camera is 12 MP, the battery is 5000 mAh, the display is 6.8 inches (17.27 cm), and it is waterproof ( IP68) with a fingerprint sensor.

We know it will launch soon, but the date has not been confirmed yet. We hope its ability to take natural, stunning photos is a hit with you, and you’ll have a hard time turning it down.

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