Google began Rolling Out The latest Android 15 Beta 1.1 Update, Which Introduces NFC and Other Bug Fixes

Soon after Google was done with the two versions of developer previews, in early April, Google released the Android 15 Beta 1 publicly, which signifies that both the developer previews of Android 15 were not stable for public use. Also, the first beta of the latest Android operating system satisfied the Pixel phones, but it also came up with the biggest disadvantage: the NFC issue. Hence, Google acknowledged the issue and is now releasing a new beta version, Android 15 beta 1.1, which is brought up especially to fix the NFC issue.

The latest Android 15 beta 1.1 is here, introducing NFC and other bug fixes

The Android 15 beta programs are currently reserved only for Pixel owners, and users have been severely facing the NFC issue within the first beta version of the latest operating system, which prevented them from using their phones for making contactless payments. After a while, Google addressed the issue and is now releasing a new beta version, Android 15 beta 1.1, bearing the AP31.240322.023 build version to fix the NFC issue. 

In addition to introducing a fix for the NFC issue, the latest Android 15 Beta 1.1 also brings some other relevant bug fixes that were causing several system crashes and other essential functionalities to offer a terrific experience for the users. However, the latest Android 15 beta 1.1 version is a minor update, bringing some essential bug fixes but having a major impact on the overall system performance of the Pixel users. Moreover, the latest update further integrates the April 2024 Android Security Patch for more enhanced security. 

With that, for further details, the entire official changelog is mentioned below:


Android 15 Beta 1.1 (April 2024)

This minor update to Android 15 Beta 1 includes the following fixes:

  • Fixed various issues with NFC that interfered with wallet apps and other NFC-dependent system operations. (Issue #333929007, Issue #333957918, Issue #334578498, Issue #334270672, Issue #334171753, Issue #336064427, Issue #333935278)
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the Developer Options settings screen to crash. (Issue #333941833)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some devices from updating properly to Beta 1. (Issue #333932298, Issue #333981062)
  • Fixed a text clipping issue when trying to print. (Issue #334925832, Issue #334430062)

It’s important to note that the latest Android 15 beta 1.1 will reach Pixel owners who have already enrolled in the Android Beta for Pixel program and will automatically receive the latest build through an OTA update.   

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