Honor MagicOS 8.0: Introducing ‘Any Door’ for Streamlined Multitasking and Drag-and-Drop Timetable Creation

Previously, IT House announced on December 28th that Honor Mobile was going to reveal its newest “magic system” called Honor MagicOS 8.0 on January 10th, 2024. Probably the coolest thing about this update is the addition of a new tool called “Any Door,” that’s supposed to make it easier to figure out what people want by figuring out what they’re trying to do.

So, Any Door makes it easy to find whatever you need. By just dragging the text, you get the information without even opening another application, which feels like magic. In the official demo, dragging the text related to location in the map app opens the navigation for that location. In this way, when we select a certain text and drag it to the sidebar, it begins to print. It’s very useful to print big chunks of text like this.

The report we got from IT House likewise included comments from folks on the internet who had a chance to try out the early version of MagicOS 8.0 on the Magic5 Pro device before it came out to the general public. The rephrased sentence using the tone of a student is, “The beta version of the virtual assistant introduced many new features like smart capsules, pre-installed Google services, mask unlocking, and even had a feature where it could create music using artificial intelligence.

Furthermore, Honor Mobile began a discussion on Weibo with the hashtag #Honor Magic OS is coming#, which reveals the Chinese name of the operating system. Zhao Ming, the CEO of Honor Terminal Co., Ltd, announced that the company is working on launching a new end-side AI large model with 7 billion parameters and a new cloud service. I want to integrate this AI model into the MagicOS, where I can avail a host of upcoming functionalities with the name of Magic OS.


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