Google Is Bringing Gemini App To Android And iOS, Coming With Google AI

  • Google is bringing Gemini to Android and iOS devices with Google AI.
  • Gemini will offer an advanced AI experience, allowing users to get all their work done on the go.
  • The company is rolling out Gemini for Android and iOS users currently in the US, further extending it to more regions in more languages.

Soon after the transformation of Google Bard to Gemini, Google is now beginning to push the Gemini to offer a new mobile experience for the Gemini and the Ultra version Gemini Advanced in the form of a new app on Android as well as in the Google app on iOS devices, respectively. 

Get going with the Gemini on your phone, anywhere at any time! Google is bringing the Gemini for Android and iOS users with Google AI, allowing users to type, talk, or do all kinds of tasks on the go. In the meantime, the Gemini is going to be a true AI assistant that’s at the same time easily conversational and helpful and features multiple models. 

Get Going with Gemini on Your Phone- Both Android and iOS devices

On Android

Speaking of Android devices, Gemini is a new AI assistant that can easily help you get things done in no time using generative AI. You can use the Gemini app either by downloading it from the Google Play Store or directly opening the app through Google Assistant; you can easily launch the app by long-pressing the power button, swiping from the corner, or just by saying its iconic line- “Hey Google.”

Doing this will offer an all-new overlay experience that allows users to seamlessly access the Gemini straight from the home screen. You can type, speak, or add a new photo with that. On the flip side, users can generate text and pictures easily while also using several extensions to extract information from other Google services, including Maps, Flights, and YouTube, respectively. 

Furthermore, Gemini will not come by default; you must enable it manually. The Gemini will be available on every Android device running Android 12 or later, while it’s not currently compatible with Android tablets.

On iOS  

On iOS devices, users can easily find Gemini within the existing Google app, which will be available in the coming weeks. At the top of the Discover Feed, you can easily find a Search/Gemini switcher icon, allowing you to quickly access it from any application.  

Google is rolling out the Gemini in English on Android and iOS devices in the US, claiming that the complete version will be available in the coming weeks. At the same time, the company will soon roll out it to other regions in languages other than English, including Japanese and Korean, with more countries and languages coming soon.  

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