WhatsApp to Bring Cross-Platform Messaging Feature, Respecting EU Regulations

  • WhatsApp will soon bring a cross-platform messaging feature, allowing users to communicate with other apps without switching.
  • Earlier, the European Commission designated Meta with five other companies by Gatekeepers.
  • Also the engineering director of WhatsApp confirms that more advanced features will come within the cross-platform messaging feature.

WhatsApp, the most popular Meta-owned instant messaging platform, always has convenient and advanced features and capabilities that offer the most interactive user experience. The meta-owned service constantly brings new features and functionalities for the users. In the same context, the company is working on bringing the capability of cross-platform messaging features, allowing users to easily communicate directly with other apps, including Telegram or more. 

WhatsApp has been working on the Cross-platform messaging feature for a long time while also building a perfect yet safe technology in order to implement the feature within the app. With that, the company also wishes to ensure that its security and privacy feature, end-to-end encryption, retains its spot. 

In contrast, this will be the first time an instant messaging application is offering the capability to respect the EU’s Digital Markets Act. At the same time, a few years ago, the European Commission designated Gatekeepers to Meta and five such companies, as they offer an essential connection between businesses and their customers concerning core platform services and features.

In the meantime, the EU firm even gave a significant deadline to WhatsApp, suggesting that the company should begin this interoperability within 6 months; while the deadline is approaching, WhatsApp has now started to make a sketch of how the cross-platform feature will work exactly. Likewise, the company initially wished to focus on general features, including conversations, images, videos, voice messages, and transferring files or documents, respectively. 

Dick Brouwer, the engineering director of WhatsApp, stated that several other advanced features will be introduced within the cross-platform feature in the coming future. Still, it’s important that the users adopt Cross-platform messaging to prevent several potential risks of spam and scams. Simultaneously, the main aim of this interoperability is to offer users the ability and convenience to have uninterrupted conversations without switching their apps.       


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