How Many Software Updates Will The OnePlus Ace 3V Get?

OnePlus offers the best and most sought-after features and specifications. Still, when it comes to software updates, the brand tends to offer some weird software support criteria, which means that OnePlus offers software updates according to the phone’s category. The higher the category the phone belongs to, the more it will receive software support. In contrast, OnePlus recently launched a new phone, the OnePlus Ace 3V, in its hometown in China. People might be wondering how many software updates the phone will get.

OnePlus’ software update policy says that the recent flagship lineup is committed to getting four generations of OS updates and five years of patches, while its older flagships usually tend to receive three generations of software updates and four years of security patches, respectively. Simultaneously, OnePlus has claimed that the newly launched OnePlus Ace 3V is committed to receiving three generations of software updates and four years of security patch updates. 

Since the device has been launched with Android 14, it will get its 3 software updates until Android 17. In contrast, the device can receive its security patches for 4 years until 2028. 

In contrast, software updates play an important role in keeping the device safe and secure while also increasing its shelf life for an additional year or two. It refreshes the System UI, which significantly helps deliver a smooth, stable, and fast user experience, as these software updates bring several new features and enhancements. Additionally, OnePlus doesn’t stick to one update policy, which is disappointing, while if you own a flagship phone from the brand, your phone will receive longer updates.   

Software UpdatesOS VersionsYears of Support
Update 1Android 151 year
Update 2Android 161 year
Update 3Android 171 year
Security Patches4 years

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