How Many Software Updates Google Pixel 8a Will Get?

Google was the first Android manufacturer to set an incredible benchmark of promising long-term software support of 7 years, including the major OS updates and Security patches with its current flagship series, the Pixel 8 series. With that, the company has significantly proved that it’s one of the best Android smartphone brands, especially when keeping its Pixel phones up to date. Meanwhile, Google has recently launched its latest phone, the Pixel 8a, but most people might wonder how many software updates the new Pixel 8a will get. 

Indeed, Google has introduced its latest and most-awaited smartphone, the Pixel 8a, and it has arrived with some impressive features and specifications. In contrast, including some AI-powered features will keep the phone in the spotlight for a long time. In contrast, every Android smartphone manufacturer offers software support for their smartphones according to their dedicated software update policy, as these software updates will help keep the devices updated and prepare them to deal with several issues. 

Google Pixel 8a promised to receive a complete 7 years of software support

Meanwhile, Google has promised long-term support of 7 years of software support, including 7 generations of software support and 7 years of Android Security Patch updates, with its flagship Pixel 8 series. This longevity will be followed with the newly arrived Pixel 8a phones. This means that the new Pixel 8a phone is committed to getting 7 generations of software updates and 7 years of Android Security Patch updates. 

The latest Google Pixel 8a has arrived with Android 14, which is topped up with Pixel UI. The phone can receive seven generations of software updates until Android 21. At the same time, the device will get its Android Security patches for seven years until 2031. This certainly means that customers keenly interested in purchasing the newest Pixel 8a will have a terrific software experience and can keep the phone for as long as possible.       

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