How Many Software Updates Motorola Edge 50 Fusion Will Get?

Buying a new smartphone while also checking the software update policy of the device is a great idea, but it could become a daunting task, especially when you are about to pay a hefty amount. Simultaneously, the software updates refresh the UI and significantly provide power to the phone to deal with several bugs and issues. Meanwhile, Motorola has unveiled the newest Motorola Edge 50 Fusion outside India, and if you are a Motorola fan or thinking of buying one, a quick knowledge regarding the software updates of the newest device would be a nice idea. 

Motorola Edge 50 Fusion Software Updates Policy

Motorola has introduced its latest smartphone, the Motorola Edge 50 Fusion, in the mid-range category. This device boasts a range of compelling features and specifications. However, what sets it apart is its software update policy. While many Android manufacturers have improved their update policies, Motorola has remained consistent, offering a minimum number of updates. This unique approach is worth considering for potential buyers. 

Meanwhile, Motorola falls short while offering good commitments to its phones. Its budget phones usually see one update and two years of security patches. In 2023, Motorola significantly upgraded its software promise and started offering its devices three major OS updates and four years of Android Security patches. Moreover, the brand has stood up to its promise and has offered the same software update commitment as its latest Motorola Edge 50 Fusion. 

This certainly commits that the new Motorola Edge 50 Fusion will receive 3 generations of major OS support and 4 years of security patch updates. Since this latest mid-range has arrived with Android 14, out of the box, the phone is eligible to get the 3 generations of major OS support until Android 17, while the phone will receive its security patches for 4 years until 2028. So, customers of the Motorola Edge 50 Fusion will be able to get new features and upgrades for its entire shelf life

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