Xiaomi Plans to change Current Master Plan to Introduce a new ‘HyperOS Beta’ Program

Xiaomi has taken the most significant step by introducing the latest HyperOS build over the years. The latest HyperOS interface has various innovative features and functionalities. Millions of customers have already been enjoying the new Xiaomi HyperOS interface on their phones. Meanwhile, the brand has just revealed that it’s going to make some changes to the development master plan of the new HyperOS. 

The Current Development Version Will Be Replace By HyperOS Beta

It’s now official that Xiaomi is performing some relevant changes within the development master plan of the latest HyperOS by significantly replacing the current developed version with an all-new ‘Beta’ version. Xiaomi is currently distributing the Development version of its HyperOS to the early adopters, who are comfortable with several bugs and glitches to experience the latest features and functionalities. 

Meanwhile, Xiaomi’s latest beta approach for the HyperOS Development version claims to provide a smoother experience. Although the Beta testers can sneak a peek at all the upcoming features and functionalities along with the prominent advantage of comfortable upgrades between the beta and official versions, customers will no longer need to wipe out their data while switching between the Beta and the official versions. 

Also, the Beta testers will receive new updates straight from the official version, eliminating the need for manual intervention. Another prominent change of Xiaomi’s latest plan is that the brand will not release the latest features within a fixed schedule; the features will be rolled out as per the requirement. This will certainly allow the brand to test and experiment with new features that could offer more refined updates. 

Xiaomi’s newest change within the development master plan of its HyperOS could prove to be helpful for both the brand and the users. In the form of new upgrades, it will offer a more enhanced and smoother Beta experience to the users, and in return, it could help Xiaomi significantly enhance its innovative HyperOS. 

The new Beta version of HyperOS will probably arrive in Q4 2024

Moreover, it’s expected that Xiaomi will begin rolling out the latest beta program for the HyperOS sometime in Q4 2024, while the brand plans to officially cease the current development program by August 2024. Also, for further details about the compatible phones and applications process, Xiaomi customers could head to the Xiaomi Community Internal Test Center application page.  

HyperOS Beta

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