What is the “Quantum Animation Engine” on ColorOS 7?

OPPO has been released ColorOS 7, which is the main theme of “light and borderless”. It has built a borderless design 2.0 with “lightness” as its core and has optimized UI, interaction, animation, sound effects, and other aspects. Around “quick”, the innovative functions of ColorOS 7 in smooth use and efficient experience are explained. Users who have used ColorOS 6 before can definitely feel that animation effects have always been an important area of ​​ColorOS 6. On ColorOS 7 powered by realmeX50, OPPO has proposed a new set of animation ideas-the quantum animation engine, which has greatly upgraded the animation effect to make the animation more delicate.

What is a quantum animation engine?

There is a phenomenon in quantum mechanics called quantum entanglement. In the quantum field, when a particle moves, it will inevitably cause another particle to change.
This is actually similar to the way we operate a mobile phone. People will be accompanied by a lot of details in one operation and feedback to us from the screen. This situation can be better represented on screens with high frame rates.

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#Application opening and closing animation

Now, when you return to the desktop from the application, the icon will throw a parabola along with the direction of the finger movement. You can throw it wherever you want, and finally a rebound effect on the desktop interface.

Different energies and different speeds will produce completely different curves, each time bringing you a different experience.

More importantly, the current animation can be interrupted and canceled. When you repent, you don’t have to wait until the animation ends, you can interrupt at any time.

In this way, the operation is more handy and fully controlled by you.

#Drop-down menu animation

When the menu of the notification bar is pulled down, different animation effects will be generated with the change of speed.
Slowly pull down the notification bar, the notification bar appears slowly, and when you quickly pull down the notification bar, a rebound animation will appear after reaching the bottom.
Expand the list again, you can see the notification bar tools gradually expand, the whole process is very smooth.

Compared to ColorOS 6’s straight up and down animation effects, the drop-down animation effect in ColorOS 7 makes people feel more delicate and more comfortable.
It even feels like I ca n’t stop when I get started. Anyway, I ’ve been playing for a long time …

#Weather Animation

ColorOS 7 has designed a new set of weather animations, covering all weather scenes. Feeling of the situation.

ColorOS 7 knows not only white during the day, but also black at night. It may be sunlight during the day and stars at night.
In addition, there is a little egg in the weather animation.
When you press and hold the weather animation, you will be surprised to find that you can manipulate nature, stop the rain and snow, and speed up the clouds. You can move the sun and turn the stars into star tracks.

#Uninstall software animation

ColorOS 7 added a new uninstall animation. When you delete an application, it is no longer a tedious direct deletion in the past, but a screen with icons broken and dispersed is added.
This effect has a feeling of killing your fingers, letting you feel that the application is leaving you.

In addition to the above animations, there are many beautiful scenes, such as new charging animation, fingerprint animation, face unlock animation …

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These features of ColorOS 7 are too practical: you will never go back when you run out



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