Unleash your Creativity and Fun as Instagram Introduces Four New Stickers For Stories 

Instagram is constantly working on exploring new ways and methods to create the most interactive and advanced experience for users, owing to which It is one of the most popular apps across the globe. In a similar series, adding more fun and an amazing experience to Stories, Instagram is launching four new stickers on Stories that will significantly allow users to have interactive ways to connect with their friends. 

By introducing new stickers on the Stories, Instagram will allow users to be much more creative and have fun with their loved ones, from sharing their favourite songs to creating their custom stickers. Here’s all you need to know about the four new tools introduced by Instagram so that you can unleash more fun and creativity on one hand while connecting yourself with your friends in a unique way as well. 

Combine fun by adding your music to the ‘Add Yours Music’ Sticker

The entertaining Add Yours ability has now been combined with Instagram’s iconic music sticker. The new Add Your Music sticker will allow users to significantly take themselves to the trending music by sharing their favourite song that perfectly suits their mood, a new song they recently found, or just a random song they are vibing for an entire day with their followers. Users will also be able to add their own if they want to. 

  • To have fun with this new sticker, first off, on Instagram, tap on the Sticker icon,
  • Then, choose the Add Your Music icon.
  • Now, tap the “+” or Add Music option to choose a song from the app’s Music library.
  • Once your story is posted, your followers can add the song they are tuning to using the Add Yours button.   

Post a Hidden story through the Reveal sticker

Adding more fun to your Instagram stories, you can now post hidden stories for your followers and friends and let them uncover them. Meanwhile, the only way to uncover the hidden story is for them to send you a DM. 

  • Tap the Stickers icon after selecting the content you want to post to your Instagram story.
  • Now tap on the Reveal icon.
  • Once you have chosen the Reveal sticker, you will receive a prompt asking you to give your friends hints about what they might find behind this blurry image.
  • You can also tap on the Preview button at the bottom left corner to see how your story will appear to your friends. 
  • Once your story is posted, your friends can only see it when they send you a DM but don’t fret—you don’t have to approve all your DMs to reveal your story. 

Show off your special throwback moment with a Frames sticker 

When you wish to show off your special throwback moment or wish to throw a spotlight on any memorable memories with your friends, the Frames sticker is here for you. The new Frames sticker will convert your photo into a real print, which will be hidden, while to reveal the photo, your followers will need to shake their phone to develop the print of your photo. 

  • While creating your Story, choose the Stickers icon.
  • Then, select the Frames sticker.
  • This will open your Phone’s photo gallery, where you can select an image for the frame.
  • Once you have selected the image, you can add a caption if you wish. The date and time will be automatically added according to the duration of the photo. 
  • Once you have posted your story, your friends will have to shake their phone or tap on the Shake to Reveal button so that the images can be generated inside the frame.     

Create a unique moment to share with your friends with the Cutouts sticker

You will now be able to add more fun and uniqueness to your casual everyday stories, which you can share with your friends. To add to your story or reel, just convert a section of any video or photo in your camera roll into a Cutout sticker. Each cutout sticker created will be automatically saved in your Stickers section so that you can come back and use it again. 

To create a sticker from your camera roll:

  • Select the Stickers icon placed at the top.
  • Then, tap on the Cutouts icon in this of scissors an icon.
  • Choose a photo or video with a clear object/subject from your photo gallery.
  • It will automatically generate a sticker. If not, you can manually select any object you wish to use for your sticker. (you can only choose one object)
  • Finally, tap on the Use Sticker button to add it to your Instagram reel or story.   

To create a sticker from photos on Instagram:

  • Head to the photo from which you want to create a sticker. (you will only be able to see the option to create a sticker from eligible photos shared by public accounts on Instagram)
  • Choose the Three dots menu placed at the top right corner.
  • Now, select the Create Sticker option. 

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